APA Certificate course

Animal PsychAromatica Certificate

Do you want to help animals live healthy, happy lives? Learn this complete animal wellness system, based on essential oils and herbs, TCM, animal ethology and natural management. Can be taken at your own pace or "live" with Nayana

Academy of Animal Wellness and Aromatics

What is Animal PsychAromatica?

Animal PsychAromatica is an holistic animal healing system that has developed out of Nayana’s years working with animals and aromatics. It addresses the state of the psyche to increase health and well-being throughout the body.

The Animal PsychAromatics philosophy says most disease could be prevented if we take care of the early signs of stress in the body or mind. To reduce stress, we must understand what causes it in the body and mind, create a healthy environment for that animal and prevent illness before it happens. The tools we use to do this are:

  1. Essential oils, hydrosols and herbal oils (aromatics) using animal self-selection (zoopharmacognosy) to relieve stress and re-balance body and mind
  2. TCM and the 5 Element theory, which is an holistic way to understand the individual needs of an animal, balance the bio-system and understand the root of dis-ease
  3. Understanding the mechanisms of stress and how to reduce stress in the domestic environment
  4. Basic ethology and understanding the evolutionary development of animal behavior, their species appropriate needs and how can provide them.
  5.  Empowering humans with deeper understanding of their animals and simple tools they can use with their animals at home (aromatics).

If you prefer to learn at your own pace and budget....

The first three courses below constitute Level 1 of the certificate course. You can buy them individually, or save when you pay for all at once with APA Level 1 option. Level 1 allows you to work with your own animals, or alongside other animal care/healing skills you have. To work professionally you need to complete Level 2.

What our students say

After completing APA level 1, I highly recommend this course. The content is sound and comprehensive. I was able to submit all case studies in German and ask my questions in German as well. Nayana care was individual and my questions were always addressed. Thank you so much!
Angelika Meister
The Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 course is an excellently structured course. I learned so many useful and interesting things and above all I also approached traditional Chinese medicine, both for my animals and for me. Discovery of this science has favorably surprised and opened me to a different vision of the world around us.
Claudia Menozzi
I have really enjoyed the 5ET for Animal Wellbeing course. It has been fascinating to learn about how the different elements affect the animals personality and their learning style. The videos really help to clarify what is being said, it is very insightful and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this course!
Helen Moran
I really enjoyed the Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 course. The amount of knowledge I gained far exceeded my expectations. I had many questions when putting the theory into practice and Nayana supported me every step of the way.
Doris Harren