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Are you 100% committed to holistic animal health? Do you want to see all animals thrive – body, mind and soul? So do we! Which is why we created the Animal Wellness Community: a place to inform and inspire each other in our work with the animals we love. Whatever your role in animal care, whatever the species, you are welcome to come and connect with our network of dedicated animal wellness enthusiasts. And, if you prefer not to socialise, no pressure, you can use our archive of educational webinars, articles and videos like a library, never talking to anyone, it’s a treasure trove!  Enjoy quality information from qualified experts on a range of holistic modalities: essential oils, zoopharmacognosy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, animal communication and more. Sign up now to start learning

What is it?

A Learning Resource

Explore our searchable archive of webinars and articles on holistic animal care, from aromatics to TCM and beyond. New content weekly.

A Friendly Community

Connect with animal lovers worldwide. Share stories, learn from each other’s know-how and experience. Get inspired, and find support you can count on

Expert Advice

Get animal wellness advice you can count on from our expert teachers and the knowledgable community of professionals, it's an amazing brain trust of animal healing expertise!

Aromatic Botanical Library

Access this unique collection of in-depth botanical profiles and how to use them with animals. Available to reference any time through our app

Why I created this space

What Goes on in the community?

The community is primarily a place to learn, both from experts in their field and from each other. You can share experiences, discuss tricky cases, get input and encouragement. Or you can search our archives of articles and webinars to find answers, like a reference library. When you download the app you can carry the Aromatic Botanicals with you and refer to them right there on the job.  And personally, I love the way we cheer each others successes and support each other when times get hard. It’s a friendly gathering of people who truly understand how important animal well-being is to you.

Is it for you?

Are animals your life? Then this is for you. Get easy access to top quality learning (perfect for CPD) and a whole lot of good info, plus take advantage of all the expertise of fellow members. We have people from all around the world, working with all kinds of animals. From vets to rescue workers, behaviourists, trainers, and a whole array of different alternative therapies, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbalism, TCM, massage therapies, Reiki, flower essences…. Most of us have multiple disciplines, because isn’t that just how it goes? You start with one and then just keep adding tools to your kit. One thing we all share: our passion for making the world a better place for all creatures.

Animal Wellness Community

€29 a month or €290 a year

Join us in the Animal Wellness Community now! Get easy access to top quality CPD and a whole lot of good info, plus take advantage of all the expertise of fellow members. We know you are going to love it, but if by some chance you don’t, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you choose Annual subscription (and get 2 months free) you have 7 days free to make sure you love it. If you decide it’s not for you’ve lost nothing. There are no refunds on annual subscription after the 7 day trial. The Aromatic Botanical Library is included in your subscription too. So what are you waiting for?


Aromatic Botanical Library

€79 per year (or free with Community Membership)

This collection of profiles contains in-depth information about
essential oils, hydrosols, herbs and vegetable oils and how you can use
them for animal wellbeing. It includes how to use them safely for a wide range of conditions, as well as the best form to use them in. It’s better than a book because wth this digital resource we can keep the information updated all the time and add new insights, or whole new botanicals as we like. It is a unique and ever expanding resource you can refer to wherever you are on our phone app.

Upcoming Webinars

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Take A Sneak Peak

The Animal Wellness Community is hosted on Mighty Networks, a platform specially designed to bring communities together to learn and share. It is a user friendly app with a familiar feel due to its newsfeed. Here’s a sneak peak of how it all looks inside the Lounge

What Our Members Say...

So, Are You Ready to SuperCharge Your Animal Healing Skills?

Then you can’t afford not to join us! You’ve got nothing to lose with our free 1 week trial (annual subscription), so come in and get to know us, take your knowledge to the next level, and find a cool place to hang out, far from the craziness of social media

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