Animal PsychAromatica Certificate Course

For those who want to work with animals, or professionals looking to take their skills to the next level!​

It's The Ultimate Animal Wellness System!

What is Animal PsychAromatica?

Animal PsychAromatica is an holistic animal healing system developed by Nayana Morag. It includes essential oils, aromatic botanicals, animal self-selection (zoopharmacognosy), and TCM.

The APA philosophy says most disease can be prevented if we take care of the early signs of stress in the body or mind. To reduce stress, we must create a healthy environment based on a species’ natural needs and the specific needs of each individual.  APA teaches you how to do this using tools to address body, mind and soul, and resolve common health and behaviour problems once and for all.

An APA practitioner aims to empower animal guardians to take care of their animals (and themselves) naturally, by creating a healthy lifestyle, offering essential oils and other aromatic botanicals, and respecting each being’s right to choose.

APA is for you if:

APA Certificate Course- Step 1

The APA certificate gives you a thorough grounding in animal wellness. Learn how to create a physical, emotional and spiritual environment that fosters well-being for all, with aromatics and TCM

This in-depth course is offered through “Live” lessons with a small group of fellow students. APA online certificate course will prepare you to go out and work with people and their animals to create a healthy, happy life for all.

Subjects covered:

  1. All about aromatic botanicals and self-selection
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 Element theory
  3. Meridian Balance Assessment
  4. Understanding stress and how it affects the body/mind
  5. Working effectively with clients to build a healthy lifestyle
  6. Your personal development as a healer
  7. How to work with vets and other professionals
  8. How to get started in  business (yes, you can get insurance)
  • Join the Association of Natural Animal Wellness Practitioners 

AcuAromatics Advanced Diploma - Step 2

w/Neomi David L.Ac

The AcuAromatics advanced diploma takes you deeper into the TCM philosophy and teaches you how to combine aromatics and acupressure with the 5 element acu points to enhance healing. It is a highly practical and holistic way of using the acu-points to supercharge an animal’s self-healing ability.

Neomi has been practicing clinical acupuncture for animals since 2005 and is also trained in APA, therapeutic massage, and homeopathy. She has a deep understanding of the subject, and a passion to share.

Subjects covered:

  • Chinese 5 Elements energetics and how emotions affect dis-ease
  • Understanding wellness and disease through TCM
  • All meridian organs and their functions within the system
  • Meridian pathways and influences on physcial and emotional imbalance
  • Choosing acupoints and essential oils to correct imbalances

Pay €150 Deposit then,

1 Payment – €3649

12 Payments- €320

18 payments – €230

Pay €150 Deposit then,

Step 1- APA Certificate

1 Payment – €2349
6 payments – € 410
12 payments – €210

Step 2 - AcuAromatics

1 Payment – €1825
6 payments – €310
12 payments – €160

APA, more than just a course!

Enrol on the APA certificate now and get started in business. Then go deeper into TCM philosophy in the AcuAromatics course and learn how to use 5 element acupressure with aromatics. We call it the ultimate animal wellness system, completely holistic and deeply respectful. But there’s more!

When you enrol on our courses you are joining a supportive community in the Animal Wellness Lounge where you can connect with your peers and find continued education. Because from our own experience, once you start down the animal healing path you never stop learning.

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What our students say

When I signed up for the APA certificate course, I had no idea how life-changing it would prove to be. I have not only gained a qualification in a subject that I am deeply passionate about but it has opened up my life in so many other ways. It has also given me so many tools to be able to help support the wellbeing of my animal companions, as well as those of my clients. Nayana is a fantastic tutor, with a gift for teaching and she is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and patient. Nayana's teaching style is very practical and accessible to all, and her passion for animal-wellness and being harmony with nature is inspiring. The course has given me the confidence to take my studying further and learn new modalities to add to my tool-kit. The course-group with fellow students from around the World, has been such a great support system and I have made valuable friendships through. Honestly, you won’t regret enrolling - I only wish that I had done so sooner!
Kirsty McIvor
I chose to follow the APA Certificate to gain a professional qualification to add to my animal therapy toolbox. When I signed up, I had no idea how much I would learn and benefit from this course. The animals in my life and the animals that I work with have clearly gained from my newfound knowledge and undestandings, and they are all happier and healthier as a result. Regular contact with Nayana and my fellow students during the year was motivational and fun and I felt truly valued and supported throughout, which is not always the case with remote learning. Nayana's teaching style is very practical, open and accessible and her passion for animal-wellness is inspiring. The breadth of knowledge offered by the course is remarkable and is enhanced by the information, workshops and webinars on the website. In essence, I feel as if I am at the start of an ongoing journey with the wonderful Nayana and my fellow course participants.
Barbara Martin
I just finished the intense APA course and got my lovely certificate of completion. What an amazing learning experience. I can’t wait to officially start practising and starting the real learning… Nayana is a fantastic teacher, super supportive and patient. If you’re looking to enrich the lives of the animals in your life and those around you I cannot recommend working with Nayana highly enough. The course covers all manner of botanicals (herbs, essential oils, hydrosols), how to help reduce stress for our animal companions, how to make lotions and topicals plus nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The required reading books are fascinating and I met a great group of people on the course with me. Honestly, do sign up, you won’t regret it.
Katie Gwilt
Signing up for the inaugural APA Certificate was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I truly love Nayana’s teaching style & felt totally inspired to immerse myself fully in the learning experience. I looked forward to every online lesson & really enjoyed the extra reading, homework & research so none of it ever felt like a chore. Because the group was a nice number we all got to know one another & I couldn’t have studied with a nicer, more supportive group of women. I’m naturally quite a shy person, but I quickly found my feet & I can honestly say that I’m so glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone & signed up! I’m looking forward to completing my case studies & gaining my practitioner qualification so that I can begin working with people & their animals in this beautiful way <3
Sara Burton
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