Energetics & communication advanced diploma

Starts May 27th 2023:  Learn how to work directly with the animals to support healing for their human, working with flower essences. Develop your animal communication skills, build confidence in your intuitive sense and heart connection and the energetic connection we have with all. 

 Full investment  €1,575 /£1,399/$1,745, includes 38 flower essence kit.

NExt Course Starts May 27th 2023

Course Description

This course opens up the next level of animal self-selection where you learn how to work directly with the animals to support healing for their human and create flower essence mixes for the whole family. This intuitive led program covers flower essences, animal communication, animal mirroring, the role emotions play in sickness, end of life support & healing generational trauma. When you include their human in an animal’s healing journey you affect a lasting and rewarding change. Animals are so unconditional in their love they mirror back their person’s emotional state and life challenges. This can affect their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Because animals sense what the problems are, they inherently know what botanicals are needed for everyone involved to move forward. The greatest teachers you have on this course are the animals themselves.

Your Teacher - Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully is an animal healer, working with communication and botanical remedies to help animals worldwide. With the animals guidance she has been led to develop Animals Healing People a unique system where animals directly support their people with flower essences. She is also APA certified.

You will Learn

Flower Essences

What they are, how they work and how to use them with animals (yes, they can select them) and their role in the APA system.

Animal Coummunication

Develop your ability to tune in and listen to animals through your heart, from a grounded and empathetic space. Discover your own intuitive super power

Animals Healing People

The animals who share our lives are affected by our own emotional and physical wellbeing. In this system you can work directly with the animal to find the remedies that will help their people, for the wellbeing of all.

ABC Bach Method

This is a simple and intuitive system for finding the flower essences that will rebalance both human and animal.

Emotions & animal mirroring

Animals pick up on our emotions, acting them out and reflecting them back to us. Understanding this mechanism leads to healing.

End of life support

How to support animals and their guardians around the dying process with communication & self-selection of botanicals.

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Course Details

The course consists of 6 lessons, each one with several sub-lessons, or topics that include further reading, and videos to watch between live lessons.

There are 12 x 3 hour live “Zoom” lessons with Lisa Tully. These are recorded for you to watch later, or if you have scheduling conflicts (although we strongly advise you do all you can to make it ‘live’).

The meetings will be held on a Saturday and Sunday, one weekend a month for 6 months, a total of 36 live teaching hours.

 You will have interesting practical assignments to complete between live lessons to integrate your learning.

You have access to a class forum for questions and interaction with fellow students and your teachers throughout the course, in the Animal Wellness Lounge.

To receive your certificate you will complete 5 mentored case studies and complete the final review quiz.

Live Lesson dates:

Lesson 1: 27th May 23

Lesson 2: 28th May 23

Lesson 3: 24th June 23

Lesson 4: 25th June 23

Lesson 5: 22nd July 23

Lesson 6: 23rd July 23

Lesson 7: 23rd September 23

Lesson 8: 24th September 23

Lesson 9: 21st October 23

Lesson 10: 22nd October 23

Lesson 11: 18th November 23

Lesson 12: 19th November 23




Your Investment

We are all about choices here, so have flexible payment options to suit all budgets. To enrol, you will pay a €/£/ $150 non-refundable sign up fee.

Your chosen payment option will be activated one month before the first live class. Payment to be received before the Live class begins.

Option 1: Save with one single payment (plus 150 deposit paid on enrolment) by bank transfer only €1,325/£1,149/USD$1,495.

Option 2: 195 deposit plus 6 monthly payments by credit/debit card €240/£210/ USD$265.

Option 3: 195 deposit plus 12 monthly payments by credit/debit card €125/£110/ USD$140.

The price includes a kit of 38 flower essences and access to the Animal Wellness Lounge APA Group.

Further costs: Required reading list TBC

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A Word from Nayana

It's Important to Me that you Succeed!

I strongly believe we need to develop skills and understanding of energetics to super-charge our healing arts. It starts in the APA course, but Lisa will lead you deeper in to this subject. I invited her to teach here because of her unique skill set and passion for the subject. I want nothing but the best for you all!

Nayana Morag holding her one-eyed ginger kitten

Emily McAteer

MVB LFHom Homeopathic Vet, Ireland


“I found the course enjoyable and helpful. I have gone forward with a different and new approach to animals in my daily activities as a vet, listening to them and exploring a whole new level of access to their needs, feelings and emotions”

Ellie De Rosa



“I found the course an all-round sense-opening experience. On top of that, it felt as if discovering a completely new world. Lisa’s guide in this new environment was loving, supporting and wise.”

Alexandra Ofor



“My wow moments were learning about how diseases in animals start at the emotional level before it begins to show the physical signs & what we can do to help them”

You ask, we answer

Please do contact me with further questions, but here are some FAQ to get you started

Yes, you will be prepared to work professionally. However you will have to abide by any laws in your country of residence.

Yes, graduates in most countries can get insurance

An average of 2 hours a week, plus the 1 weekend a month with 2 x 3 hour Zoom sessions

No, we have students from many countries. You need a basic understanding of spoken and written English to benefit. But you can write your assignments in any language and the videos are all recorded so you can review many times

Yes. You need to have daily access to at least one animal in order to fulfill some of the assignments. And basic animal care knowledge.

You will have lifetime access to the course content. You must complete your case studies within 1 year of finishing the live lessons.

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