The 4 Pathways of Holistic Health-recorded

Enjoy this free introduction to Nayana’s philosophy of animal wellness and holistic healing. Understand the importance of the mental/emotional, physical, chemical and energetic interfaces and how that can enhance your healing skills.

Animal PsychAromatica Intensive Online

Animal PsychAromatica Certificate Online Intensive

Learn this holistic animal wellness system, and set up in business in super quick time. This online intensive will prepare you to advise animal guardians how to offer essential oils, hydrosols and herbs for self-selection to support animal well-being, and create a stress-free, species-appropriate home environment, wherever they live. Live lessons with Nayana and a supportive group of fellow students

Aromatic Animal Wellness Course

Aromatic Animal Wellness

This is the first step in the Animal PsychAromatica certification. It is also a stand alone unit.

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