Raising Natural Babies-Webinar- recorded

Welcoming a youngster into the family? Learn how you can raise a healthy, happy baby, through understanding a specie's native needs. Nayana share's her knowledge and experience of how you can optimise positive input and minimise chemical intervention, with essential oils, herbs, nutrition and understanding.

Webinar Content

Nayana talks about raising youngsters naturally from the start, which means in the womb. Everything from nutrition, to pest control, to weaning, to vaccination will be examined. We will also look at early recognition of 5 Element character types and how that can help you support the development of foals, pups, kittens or cubs. We will look at safe usage of aromatics and herbs, and how soon an animal is able to self-select. It’s a comprehensive overview of steps you can take to raise healthy, happy animals, of whatever the species.

You will Learn

  • Prenatal affects on well-being and supporting the mother
  • How to minimise chemicals to optimise health
  • Nutrition and development of youngsters
  • How to recognise your baby’s character type so you can support development
  • Aromatic botanicals for mother and baby
  • Self-selection for youngsters

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