What is Animal PsychAromatica?

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The Ultimate Animal Wellness System


Animal PsychAromatica is an holistic animal healing system using essential oils, animal self-selection (zoopharmacognosy), and TCM, developed by Nayana Morag. The APA philosophy says most disease can be prevented if we take care of the early signs of stress in the body or mind. To reduce stress, we must understand what causes it, and create a healthy environment for each individual animal, body, mind and soul. An important part of this is understanding the behaviour and ethology of a species and creating a species-appropriate lifestyle as much as possible. We aim to empower animal guardians to take care of their animals (and themselves) naturally, with the support of an APA practitioner, reducing stress and increasing well-being for all.

APA is for you if

  • You want to understand all aspects of Animal Wellness
  • You want to learn how essential oils and TCM work together
  • You want to deepen your intuition and healing power
  • You want to help animals and humans live together happily
  • You want to make a living in a way that nourishes you

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Your Hosts

Nayana Morag, the founder of Essential Animals has been teaching about essential oils for animals since 2000, lecturing worldwide to vets, trainers and animal lovers of all kinds.


Neomi David has been practicing acupuncture for animals since 2005 and is trained in APA, therapeutic massage, and homeopathy.


Lisa Tully has been practicing and teaching animal communication and energy medicine for 10 years and is APA qualified.


Together they are the teachers on the full APA program which includes, Aromatic Botanicals, Zoopharmacognosy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Animal Communication and so much more! It's life changing for you and the animals you care for.


“ If you’re looking to enrich the lives of the animals in your life and those around you I cannot recommend working with Nayana highly enough.””

Katie Gwilt, The Kat Lady

“A really in depth course that has helped me understand animals better as well as how to use essential oils. Doing the case studies really gave me confidence to go out and work with people and their animals.”


Luanda Guerra, ArvoeAromaterapia

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