Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 Certificate

95.00 / month for 8 months and a 100.00 sign-up fee

Become an Animal Wellness professional. Help people and their animals live healthy, stress-free lives with this truly holistic system.


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Course Description

This course takes your skills to a professional standard and prepares you to launch your own animal wellness business. You will learn how to assess meridian balance to bring a deeper level of healing to your clients and how to guide owners in the safe use of essential oils, and the other principles of Animal PsychAromatica, such as nutrition and stress reduction. Level 1 is a pre-requisite

This Course is for You

If you would like to work with animals and help them heal, this course can start you out as an animal wellness professional. You will be working with animals and showing their people how to use essential oils safely, and manage their animals for a stress-free life.  Animal PsychAromatica is also easy to combine with any animal health or behaviour skills you already have.

You Will Learn

  • How to conduct a successful client intake
  • All about the meridian system
  • How to use a pendulum to assess meridian or dietary imbalance
  • How to recognise and interpret animal self-selection responses and explain it to a client
  • How to work with people to get the best outcome for their animals
  • How to set up in business as an animal wellness educator

Course Format

APA2 consists of 6 lessons, 8 case studies, 2 quizzes (anatomy and physiology and the chemistry of essential oils) and a short written paper. This online course allows you to study any time, any place. Access to each lesson opens as you complete the previous one, allowing you to set your own pace. Nayana is your personal mentor, available to answer your questions via email or Skype/Facetime and tutor you personally, your learning is important to her.

Each lesson is approximately 8 hours work and we suggest completing a minimum of 1 lesson a month, but this is flexible.

More Benefits


Supervised case studies allow you to build confidence working with clients and put into practice everything you have learned.

Visual Learning

Watch Nayana demonstrate in video tutorials that show you clearly how to work with animals and their people.


Get access to the dedicated course forum. Chat with other students, ask questions, share experiences

Expert Teacher

Nayana has been teaching essential oils for animals since 2000. She is there to support your learning from start to finish


The course is amazing - it has taught me a huge amount, not only the essential oils but also hydrosols and the holistic way of treating animals using the 5 element system. I can't wait to start using it fully. Having access to all the notes is great for future use as well.
Lisa J
A really in depth course that has helped me understand animals better as well as how to use essential oils. Doing the case studies really gave me confidence to go out and work with people and their animals. Thanks for all the support for my many questions!
This really was the perfect course for me, as I am about to start my own business with animals and eo´s! SO much useful information, much more than I expected. Thank you so much for sharing!

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