Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 Certificate

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Become an Animal Wellness professional. Help people and their animals live healthy, stress-free lives with this truly holistic system. By enhancing your skills taught in level 1.


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Course Description

This course takes your skills to a professional standard and prepares you to launch your own animal wellness business. Learning builds on Level 1, and takes you deeper into TCM and how to do a Meridian Balance Assessment. Includes Anatomy, Physiology, and the Energy Body. You will learn all you need to know to work confidently with clients, including energy management and awareness, professional conduct, working with vets and how to set up in business. You will be certified as an Animal PsychAromatica Practitioner and ready to advise people how to create a healthy lifestyle for the animals in their care and how to offer aromatics for self-selection. Work onsite, or distance. You can stop at Level 2 if you want, or continue on to learn more about TCM and how to use acu-points with aromatics on Level 3.PsychAromatica. Level 1 is a pre-requisite

This Course is for You

If you would like to work with animals and help them heal, this course can start you out as an animal wellness professional. You will be working with animals and showing their people how to use essential oils safely, and manage their animals for a stress-free life.  Animal PsychAromatica is also easy to combine with any animal health or behaviour skills you already have.

You Will Learn

  • How to conduct a successful client intake
  • All about the meridian system
  • How to use a pendulum to assess meridian or dietary imbalance
  • How to recognise and interpret animal self-selection responses and explain it to a client
  • How to work with people to get the best outcome for their animals
  • How to work with in a safe and professional manner
  • How to set up in business as an animal wellness educator

Course Format

APA2 consists of 6 lessons, 8 case studies, 2 quizzes (anatomy and physiology and the chemistry of essential oils) and a short written paper. This online course allows you to study any time, any place. Access to each lesson opens as you complete the previous one, allowing you to set your own pace. Nayana is your personal mentor, available to answer your questions via email or Skype/Facetime and tutor you personally, your learning is important to her.

Each lesson is approximately 8 hours work and we suggest completing a minimum of 1 lesson a month, but this is flexible.

More Benefits


Supervised case studies allow you to build confidence working with clients and put into practice everything you have learned.

Visual Learning

Watch Nayana demonstrate in video tutorials that show you clearly how to work with animals and their people.


Get access to the dedicated course forum. Chat with other students, ask questions, share experiences

Expert Teacher

Nayana has been teaching essential oils for animals since 2000. She is there to support your learning from start to finish


The course is amazing - it has taught me a huge amount, not only the essential oils but also hydrosols and the holistic way of treating animals using the 5 element system. I can't wait to start using it fully. Having access to all the notes is great for future use as well.
Lisa J
A really in depth course that has helped me understand animals better as well as how to use essential oils. Doing the case studies really gave me confidence to go out and work with people and their animals. Thanks for all the support for my many questions!
This really was the perfect course for me, as I am about to start my own business with animals and eo´s! SO much useful information, much more than I expected. Thank you so much for sharing!

Additional information

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Pay in full, 8 monthly payments

Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 teaches you how to work with people to support their animals’ wellbeing with natural management and self-selected aromatics. It is a professional standard course. APA1 is a prerequisite. There are 7 lessons, 8 case studies, A quiz on Anatomy and Physiology (reading material provided), and a quiz  based on the required reading, The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils, by E Joy Bowles, and a 2000 word essay on a condition as seen through the eyes of APA.

Other required reading is 4 Paws, 5 Elements by Cheryl Schwartz

Lesson 1: The first encounter. Filling out the assessment form is the first step in an Animal PsychAromatica consultation. This is where you gather the information that will lead you to the best essential oils and management advice. This is how you get to know your client and understand all the variables within the situation. This lesson teaches you how to make best use of the form. Assignment: Fill out the form for an animal you live with or interact with every day.

Lesson 2: Dowsing. You will learn how to dowse using a pendulum. Dowsing is a way to tune in to the energy of matter and reveal the hidden (as in water dowsing). It’s useful skill that can be learnt like any other. Assignment: Practice your pendulum skills until you feel confident

Lesson 3: The Meridian Balance Assessment. The Meridian Balance Assessment is the heart of an Animal PsychAromatica consultation. In this lesson you will learn more about meridians, what they are and how they affect the body, mind and emotions, and how to do the MBA, using your pendulum to assess energy flow within the meridians and choose the best aromatics and diet to suggest for the animal client. I will take you through it step by step in a video lesson, so you can see exactly how I do it. Assignment: Do a full meridian balance assessment for your animal

Lesson 4: The Art of Interpretation. It is very important that you can interpret the various responses animals show when offered aromatics for self-selection.  The more animals you see the better you will be able to interpret and explain the process to clients. This lesson has lots of video examples of animals selecting that you can watch and re-watch. Assignment: Answer all the questions presented in the videos.

Lesson 5: Working with clients. APA only works if the animal’s guardian offers the oils properly. Your key role as an Animal PsychAromaticist is teaching people how to use aromatics and understand the response. You will be empowering them to be active participants in their animals’ well-being. This lesson will help you to create positive client relationships that ensure success. Assignment: Do a full MBA for a friend’s animal and video yourself explaining everything you have found, and how to offer the aromatics. This is counted as your first case study

Lesson 7: APA Professional. You are almost ready to go out into the world to offer your services. This lesson teaches you how to present yourself professionally and legally, including how to work with vets and other animal health professionals. We will also explore how to promote your new skills and get started in business. Assignment: Write up promotional material with a business name and what services you are going to offer.

Practice Makes Perfect: case studies. To earn your certificate, you need to complete:

8 animal case studies, preferably on a variety of species. Case studies are a way for you to practice what you have learnt under my supervision, a learning technique not a test, and I want to be involved at all stages.

An essay with a minimum of 2,000 words analyzing a physical or behavioural condition as seen through APA principles. The essay should demonstrate your understanding of how to view a condition through the eyes of APA, how it is viewed by Chinese and Western medicine. It is best to use a condition you have worked with.

And the 2 quizzes. The quizzes are open book and can be repeated as many times as you like. You need an 80% pass grade to continue.




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