Animal Communication Taster

Join us with the incredible Wendy Wolfe, international Animal Communication and Author. Learn how to tap into your own natural ability to sense what an animals needs and feels, in this Animal Communication Workshop, recorded live.



Course Overview

This short taster course was recorded live. It is a very practical introduction to the art of animal communication. There are simple exercises and meditations to help you start contacting that part of yourself which can connect in and hear what it is an animal wants to share. Wendy explains the science and energy of this and also the place of a heart connection in the process.

The course is broken into 3 chapters for easy watching and you can return to it again and again. It also includes downloadable PDF with meditations and guidelines. It is not intended to prepare you to fully communicate, just to introduce to the possibilities in a way that both right and left hemispheres of the brain can understand.

You will learn

How to manage your energy and claim your energetic space so that you are free from outside interference.

  • How to work with your own intuitive style

  • How animals communicate and what we can expect from them.

  • How you can read an animal’s energy and learn what they need and/or want.

  •  The role that heart coherence, focus and meditation play in reading animals.

  •  Step-by-step process for connecting with an animal.

  • The heart warming process of animal reincarnation. 
    And much more………..

Who's this for?

Are you communication curious? Then this workshop is for you. If you want to explore what it means to listen through the heart and have a closer connection and bond with all sentient beings and grow you intuition, this is a great place to start/

Your Teacher

 Wendy Wolfe is an internationally recognised Author, Animal Communicator, and Reincarnation Specialist. She has been helping people and their animals for over 20 years and has taught hundreds of people how to communicate with animals and master their energy.  Her first book, The Fractured Phoenix, Gifts from a Broken Childhood, was released in March, 2019. She has also studied with Nayana and used essential oils, cranio-sacral therapy and energy healing with animals.  Her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, television (here and abroad) and national radio. 

More Benefits


When you sign up to any of our courses you join the community in the Animal Wellness Lounge, our learning platform. You’ll find more supportive material for your holistic animal journey.

Life time Access

Not only can you study as fast or slowly as you like, you can dip back in at any time to review the material and refresh your memory. As long as the Lounge exists you have access.

Ask the teacher

Even though the course is unmentored, you can ask Nayana questions any time you need clarification or have questions. Leave a message in the forum or send her a direct message in the Lounge.



Thank you for this informative lesson! I already use essential oils for my animals and have a business with essential oils holistically. This added to my knowledge, and I am very grateful.
Really enjoyed the course, gave me a good start in an area that I am really interested. Thankyou for sharing your experience and knowledge.
Thank you for producing this great course! I learned a lot about using oils and about animals in general.
Cindy Aroma
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