Aromatic Allies for 5 Elements! Bundle

In this bundle Nayana will unwrap the relationship between the 5 elements and the plants that support them. She will take you deeper into the element, its plant allies and the significance of its season. Are you ready?

5 x 1 hour recorded lessons on each element and the essentials and herbs that support them.



Course Overview

5 Element theory is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an integral part of the Animal PsychAromatica system. It is a prism with which to view the patterns that are apparent in the universe, and helps us identify where within an animal’s system the patterns are disturbed (ill-health). We can then offer the appropriate support to re-harmonise the pattern and return the body to health. 

Certain plants, aromas, foods, colours support each element. When we know what these are and WHY they are supportive we know how to help our animals.  In this webinar series Nayana will focus on the essential oils, hydrosols and herbs that support each element, the why and how of it. It’s a way of connecting more deeply with the mission of each plant and understanding their souls.

On purchase you will get immediate access to 5 x 1 hour webinars diving deeply into each element and the aromatic botanicals that support them. Plus you get access to a quiz to help you find out your animal companion’s five element personality type. Normally these webinars are only available to Community members. These topic focussed bundles allow you to access the great info without the commitment of membership.

You will learn

  • A brief review of the 5 Element theory and how it is useful
  • The role and function of each Element
  • How to recognise an Element in your animals
  • Special needs of a each Element type
  • Plants that support each Element
  • Why a plant is classified as “Fire/Earth/Water/Metal/Wood”
  • How you can assign any plant you meet to an Element and understand it more deeply
  • How to “talk” to the plants to hear their story

Who's this for?

If you have a basic understanding of the 5 Element theory and aromatic botanicals but would like to go deeper and see how they connect, this collection is for you.

Your Teacher

Nayana  is an aromatherapist and herbalist specialising in the holistic care of animals. She has been teaching about essential oils for animals since 2000, lecturing worldwide to vets, trainers and animal lovers of all kinds. Combining her varied skills and the understanding that reducing stress is essential for health, she developed her ecertificate programme, Animal PsychAromatica. A completely holistic animal wellness system.

She is the author of “Essential Oils for Animals: Your complete guide to using aromatherapy for natural animal care and management”, “The Aromatic Dog” and “The Aromatic Cat”. She has a passion for helping humans and other animals understand each other better, so they can live in harmony and health.

More Benefits


When you sign up to any of our courses you join the community in the Animal Wellness Lounge, our learning platform. You’ll find more supportive material for your holistic animal journey.

Life time Access

Not only can you study as fast or slowly as you like, you can dip back in at any time to review the material and refresh your memory. As long as the Lounge exists you have access.

Ask the teacher

Even though the course is unmentored, you can ask Nayana questions any time you need clarification or have questions. Leave a message in the forum or send her a direct message in the Lounge.



Thank you for this informative lesson! I already use essential oils for my animals and have a business with essential oils holistically. This added to my knowledge, and I am very grateful.
Really enjoyed the course, gave me a good start in an area that I am really interested. Thankyou for sharing your experience and knowledge.
Thank you for producing this great course! I learned a lot about using oils and about animals in general.
Cindy Aroma
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