Aromatic Animal Wellness


This course is ideal if you want to integrate essential oils into your work with animals, or if you want to use aromatics and zoopharmacognosy for your own animal’s care. With certificate of completion of 24 hours. Also step 1 on the APA1 certificate path.



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Aromatic Animal Wellness

This Course is for You

Would you like to include essential oils, hydrosols and herbal oils in your work with animals? This course is ideal for anyone working with animal care, training or healing. It’s also suitable if you want to keep your own animals healthy and happy, naturally. The course has a certificate of completion showing 24 hours of work, so great for CPD. It is also the first step in the Animal PsychAromatica certificate pathway.

You Will Learn

  • Profiles of 50 essential oils/absolutes, 8 carrier oils and 13 hydrosols,
  • What they are, how they work and how to use them safely with animals
  • The science behind zoopharmacognosy and the self-selection mechanism
  • How to use aromatics for health and behaviour using the principles of animal self-selection (zoopharmacognosy).
  • How to make natural gels, clays and lotions for everyday animal care and first aid.

Course Format

Aromatic Animal Wellness consists of 4 lessons. Each lesson includes video, reading, practice and quizzes to help you integrate the learning. Each lesson is approximately 5 hours work. To receive your certificate you will also complete 1 case study to demonstrate you have understood the subject and to make sure you feel confident using the system. This online course allows you to study any time, any place. Access to each lesson opens as you complete the previous one, allowing you to set your own pace. Nayana is your personal mentor, available to answer your questions via email any time, your learning is important to her.

More Benefits


On completion of the course and case studies you will receive a certificate of competence that states you have undertaken 24 hours of study.

Essential oil profiles

You will have a downloadable PDF to 25 essential oil, hydrosol and carrier oil profiles, and how to use them for animals.


Learn how to make 100% natural lotions and potions and formulate effective recipes for daily care and 1st aid, such as bug repellent or wound gel.


Thank you for this informative lesson! I already use essential oils for my animals and have a business with essential oils holistically. This added to my knowledge, and I am very grateful.
Really enjoyed the course, gave me a good start in an area that I am really interested. Thankyou for sharing your experience and knowledge.
Thank you for producing this great course! I learned a lot about using oils and about animals in general.
Cindy Aroma

Each lesson is made up of several topics, presented as video, written text and practical assignments. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson, to help you integrate what you have just learned.

Lesson-1 The ABC of Essential Oils

Aromatic Animal Wellness is the use of aromatic extracts – essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols and herbal oils – offered to an animal to support wellbeing. In this lesson you will learn about essential oils and absolutes and how they affect the body and mind. You will learn how to recognise a quality essential oil and some of the mechanisms of olfaction.

Lesson-2 Understanding Animal Self-selection

Aromatic Animal Wellness is founded on the principles of animal self-selection, also known as applied zoopharmacognosy. We allow animals to select the aromatics we offer to them and guide us in their healing. In this lesson we will explore how and why zoopharmacognosy works, how to offer the oils for self-selection and how to recognise common responses in a variety of animals. You will also learn a simple system to make a shortlist of aromatics to offer. After completing all the topics, make a shortlist of oils for one of your animals, then see which ones he selects. Write a short report and upload it here.

AAW-3 Hydrosols & Herbal Oils

Essential oils are one part of our aromatic pharmacy, but there are other aromatic extracts that can broaden and deepen what we are able to achieve. This lesson expands your tool kit and teaches you about hydrosols and herbal oils, what they are and how and when to use them.

AAW-4 Making Potions

Making your own natural lotions and potions is a really fun part of aromatic animal care and in this lesson you learn how to make clays and gels for individual animals and when topical application is appropriate.

Case Study

To receive your certificate you will also complete 1 case study using the principles taught here.


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