The Role of Stress


Stress is the major cause of dis-ease for domestic animals. This course gives an in depth understanding of the physiological and psychological causes of stress and how to alleviate it through natural management and aromatics. 16 hours CPD. Step 3 of the APA1 Certificate



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The Role of Stress

This Course is for You

If you live or work with animals it’s important to understand the physiological and mental consequences of stress, and how it impacts animal well-being. Recognising stress, what causes it, and how to alleviate it is the key to creating a healthy environment for our domestic animals. Through understanding evolutionary needs of a species we can minimise stress to keep it in a healthy balance. CPD hours are printed on the certificate. This is also Unit 3 of the APA1 Certificate course

You Will Learn

  • What we mean by “stress”
  • Common causes of stress for domestic animals
  • How stress affects the body
  • How to recognise stress
  • Why some animals suffer from stress more than others
  • How to reduce stress through management and self-selecting aromatics

Course Format

 Each lesson is approximately 4 hours study, and includes written and video components for ease of learning. There are also simple quizzes to help you integrate your learning. You will receive a Certificate of Completion with 16 hours study. This online course allows you to study any time, any place. Access to each lesson opens as you complete the previous one, allowing you to set your own pace. Nayana is your personal mentor, available to answer your questions via email anytime, your learning is important to her.


More Benefits


Upon completion of all the lessons and quizzes. You will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion with 16 hours study

Download PDF

All of the course content can be downloaded in a PDF file so it is yours to refer to whenever you wish.

Access to Teacher

Nayana has been teaching courses on animal wellness since 2000. She is available to answer any questions you have.

Each lesson has several topics presented as videos, reading material and practical assignments. There is a simple quiz at the end of each lesson to help you integrate learning. Course includes a downloadable PDF of all course info.

5ET Introduction, The Foundations of TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a huge subject in its own right, 5 Element Theory is just one small part of it. However, in order to understand the 5 Element Theory we need a little context, and background so here is an introduction to the principles and precepts of this ancient healing system.

5ET-1: Understanding 5 Element Theory

This lesson covers the basics of the 5 Element theory. It will give you a clear understanding of each element and how the phases interact with each other.
Using the Five Elements is an intuitive art that is somewhat subjective. Try to catch the feeling of what is being expressed and do not think about it too hard. The more you observe the world through the prism of the Five Elements, putting theory into practice, the easier it becomes.

5ET-2 Getting to know the 5 Element Characters

In this course we are using the 5 Elements system primarily to help you recognise personality types, so you can take care of your animal in a way that best suits his nature. It is not true Chinese medicine but an adaptation that I find useful and accurate. In this lesson we will investigate the signs and indicators for each element by looking at videos of each type while I explain the keys to each character

5ET-3 5 Element Animal Care, applying the theory

In this lesson you will learn how to recognise the element types and how you can use that information to improve health and behaviour. You will learn how to support each element nutritionally, which training type works best and how to select aromatics based on the elements.