The Trust Technique w/ Karen Blenkarn and Barbara Martin


Recorded Live – 17th November at 7PM UK: Come and learn all about The Trust Technique with Practitioners Karen Blenkarn and Barbara Martin as they present- ‘An Introduction to The Trust Technique’.

Karen and Barbara have a wealth of varied experience in animal and human wellness. They are keen to share an insight into this simple yet hugely powerful technique that has the ability to release over thinking, trauma, fear and other emotions and responses that can affect the dynamics of human and animal relationships. YOU will learn how to implement the technique into your daily life to share with your animal companions.

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Webinar Content

Introductions by both Karen and Barbara outlining their personal journeys. 

Videos that inspired them. 

The 3 main principles – Creative Reactions, Realisation Learning and Trusted Co-operations.

How to get started in offering this technique to your animal.  

You will Learn

The importance of – purpose, persistence, patience and peace. 

Karen and Barbara will coach you in the live session, showing you how to get into the present moment and how you can start to deliver that feeling to your animal. 

They will talk about how mindful regard makes our animals feel heard and how this technique promotes trust, connection and communication. 

The session will finish with information about the benefits of incorporating this technique into daily life, for both you and your animal companions. 

It is a wonderful portable tool that you can use anywhere to bring peace to any situation.


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The webinar will go live on 17th November 2021.

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