The 4 Pathways to Holistic Health


Nayana talks about the 4 pathways of healing, what they are and how to interact consciously with each level.  Informative and inspirational, for anyone who cares for animals.


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Webinar Content

In this webinar Nayana talks about the importance of addressing mental/emotional, physical, chemical and energetic pathways, for healing that holds. This is a profoundly holistic approach to animal well-being and the foundation of Animal PsychAromatica. She talks about the individual significance of each pathway and the best tools from and for each one and how you can recognise and develop your own optimum healing pathway.

You will Learn

  • What are the 4 Pathways?
  • Mental/Emotional, Chemical, Physical, Energetic, where does it start? Why does it matter?
  • Tools to support each pathway.
  • How to recognise your own strongest healing pathway to develop your own unique talents.

Life Time Access

Join the Animal Wellness Lounge to investigate all 4 Pathways and learn more about animal wellness.

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