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Essential oils and animals

Nayana Morag - Director

Nayana Morag, the founder of Essential Animals and head teacher, is a qualified Animal (and human) Aromatherapist. She is also trained in kinesiology and has post-graduate certificates in 5 Element Theory and Aromatic Energetics. She has been teaching about essential oils for animals since 2000. She is the author of “Essential Oils for Animals: Your complete guide to using aromatherapy for natural animal care and management” and “The Aromatic Dog”. Her books have been translated into 4 languages. Her passion is helping humans and other animals understand each other better, so they can live in harmony and health.

Nayana lives in Portugal with a herd of 9 horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Her home, Over the Edge Farm, is dedicated to natural animal care and conscious harvesting of aromatic plants, to make magical potions and lotions for you.

The History

Formally known as the School of Essential Balance, our first certificate course in Animal Aromatherapy was launched in 2006. We have always had an international student base, and with the growth of the internet it seemed obvious Nayana should cut down on air miles and go “online”. Our focus is on well-presented, personally mentored courses that empower you to care for the animals you love or work with.

Aromatic Animal Wellness is our foundation, we offer courses on safe and sustainable use of essential oils, hydrosols, and herbs for horses, dogs, cats, small animals and farm animals. We also have a variety of courses based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and animal behaviour. This is a truly holistic approach to animal well-being and helps you understand an animals’ needs on a deeper level.

What Motivates Us?

We aim to empower you with knowledge, so you can be a pro-active participant in your animal’s health. Our courses are designed to put your animals well-being back in your hands, using the powerful plant medicine that is our natural birthright. We also encourage deeper understanding of your animals’ natural needs, so you can reduce stress to a minimum.

We want everyone who works with animals to explore the safe, natural options that are available to them, and discover how essential oils can enhance any healing modality. We love animals, we love the natural way, and live it every day and we love to share this passion with you. Most of all, we want to provide animal carers with the tools to live healthy, happy lives, in harmony with nature. 

Foundations of Aromatic Wellness

We believe that reducing stress leads to healthy animals, who learn more easily. To reduce stress, animal guardians need to understand the basic requirements of the species/breed, provide a suitable environment, and a species-specific diet. Understanding why animals behave as they do is the key to living together happily.

Giving animals choices in their life is the first step in stress reduction. Offering aromatics for self-selection is a simple way to let your animals know, “I hear you”.

Animals have an innate ability to know what they need for balance in their lives and everything we do is based on animals self-selecting their own remedies (zoopharmacognosy). We believe that we, as guardians, must listen to what animals have to say and respect their wishes. We also believe that animals have a lot to teach humans and seek to deepen and broaden this understanding through courses and workshops.

Essential oils and animals
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