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This ‘Live’ online course prepares you to work professionally with animals and their people, using a complete, holistic animal wellness system, that includes essential oils, zoopharmacognosy and TCM.  It’s a learning adventure that will enrich your life, as well as the others you help along the way. Pay the €150 enrolment deposit now to hold your place.

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NExt Course Starts April 6 2024

Course Description

The APA Certificate Online Intensive prepares you to work professionally with animals and their people and launch your animal wellness business. It teaches you safe use of essential oils, based on the science of zoopharmacognosy, as well as the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a truly holistic overview. We also cover the anatomy and physiology of stress, how it affects the animals that live with us, and how to reduce it through understanding a species’ natural needs. APA addresses every aspect of wellness to create true well-being for all creatures with nature’s guidance and a deep understanding of the power of healing intention. You will be learning with a supportive group of fellow students as Nayana shares her decades of experience through ‘live’ lessons, that inspire you to connect with plant medicine and our animal friends in a deep and meaningful way.

You will Learn

All About Aromatics

All about essential oils, hydrosols and herbal oils and how to use them safely with animals using the science and application of animal self-selection (zoopharmacognosy)

Holistic Health Care

The role of stress in animal well-being and how to reduce it by understanding the evolutionary needs of a species. And how to recognise wellness and dis-ease

Chinese Medicine

The basics of TCM and the 5 Element Theory for a truly holistic view of each animal’s individual needs and how to support their wellbeing. Includes how to do a meridian balance assessment

Working with People

How to advise animal guardians on the safe use of essential oils and how to create a lifestyle that provides the emotional and physical needs of all involved

Self Development

How to increase your own energetic awareness and self-management as a healer. How to trust your intuition and tune in to an animal energetically

Professional Skills

How to present yourself confidently, how to work with vets, how to create success, and set up your own animal wellness business

Course Details

The course consists of 12 lessons, each one with several sub-lessons, or topics that include further reading, and videos to watch between live lessons.

There are 12 x 3 hour live “Zoom” lessons with Nayana or Neomi David, our TCM teacher. These are recorded for you to watch later, or if you have scheduling conflicts (although we strongly advise you do all you can to make it ‘live’).

The meetings will be held on a Saturday and Sunday, one weekend a month for 6 months, a total of 36 live teaching hours.

You will have interesting practical assignments to complete between live lessons to integrate your learning.

You have access to a class forum for questions and interaction with fellow students and Nayana throughout the course,  in the Animal Wellness Lounge

After the live lessons you will do 6 case studies. Nayana mentors you through each case, it is a hands on learning experience, not a test. You are encouraged to complete at least 1 case study a month on a variety of species. But you can also complete more quickly if you choose to.

Live lesson dates for the course starting April 2024

April 6/7, May 4/5/25/26, June 15/16, July 13/14, Aug 3/4

For full lesson details and subsequent dates contact me


Your Investment

We are all about choices here, so have flexible payment options to suit all budgets. Pay your €150 deposit now, then pay

Option 1: 1 payment – €2,349

Option 2: 6 payments x €410

Option 3: 12 payments x €210

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PLUS 4 Extra Bonus Gifts worth €250 when you enrol:

  1. A starter kit of aromatic supplies,
  2. A PDF of Nayana’s book “Essential oils for Animals”, 
  3. 1 years access to the Aromatic Botanical Online library
  4. 1 month free access to the Animal Wellness Community with 15% off if FOREVER, when you subscribe!
  5. Plus access to the Animal Wellness Lounge APA Group Forum

Further costs: Required reading

  • Wild health by Cindy Engel,
  • 4Paws, 5 Elements by Cindy Schwartz,
  • The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils by E Joy Bowles,
  • Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young

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It's Important to Me that you Succeed!

I love seeing people heading out to help animals with APA, so I will support you all the way. My goal is to prepare you to work confidently with animals and their people and make a difference in their lives. As well as my personal support, you will be part of the APA community and a member of the Association of Natural Animal Wellness Practitioners. We’ve got your back!

Katie Gwilt

The Kat Lady


“Nayana is a fantastic teacher, super supportive and patient. If you’re looking to enrich the lives of the animals in your life and those around you I cannot recommend working with Nayana highly enough.”

Luanda Guerra



“A really in depth course that has helped me understand animals better as well as how to use essential oils. Doing the case studies really gave me confidence to go out and work with people and their animals.”

Mateja Pozar


“Nayana is amazing teacher, I could listen to the class every day, love how much practical information we get, how she leads us through the course and to study actively. She is very supportive in our practical assignments and she helps us to dig deeper.”


Yes, you will be prepared to work professionally. However you will have to abide by any laws in your country of residence.

Yes, graduates in most countries can get insurance

An average of 2 hours a week, plus the 1 weekend a month with 2 x 3 hour Zoom sessions

No, we have students from many countries. You need a basic understanding of spoken and written English to benefit. But you can write your assignments in any language and the videos are all recorded so you can review many times

Yes. You need to have daily access to at least one animal in order to fulfill some of the assignments. And basic animal care knowledge.

You will have lifetime access to the course content. You must complete your case studies within 1 year of finishing the live lessons.

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