Association of Natural Animal Wellness Practitioners

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Who can be a member?

Anyone who has graduated through the Animal PsychAromatica courses.
Students participating in the courses

ANAWP Aims and Goals

  1. To support and nurture professional excellence for practitioners of Animal PsychAromatica
  2. To oversee professional conduct of APA practitioners
  3. To promote the concept of Whole Animal Wellness. This means that for an animal to be truly well we must consider and understand the species-specific needs of our domestic and captive animals, so we can provide the food, management and botanical medicines they need and as much as is possible to make sure they have choices in their live
  4. To inform and educate the general public about the advantages of an holistic view of animal wellness and how animal guardians can incorporate that into their animal care, for truly healthy, happy animals.

Membership Advantages

  • Professional credibility and support
  • Inclusion in practitioners directory, which will be promoted via Essential Animals
  • Free to members of the Animal Wellness Community
  • Discounts for certain suppliers
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