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Herbs are a powerful healing tool. To use them responsibly it is important to understand the nature of the plant and how it affects the body.

This course is for you if you want to learn how to blend herbs to help promote health through Chinese principles. Used within the APA guidelines for reducing stress and offering choices, this can be very beneficial in allowing the body to heal itself.

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NExt Course Starts may 5 2024

Course Description

The APA Chinese Herb course prepares you to build synergistic herbal formulas based on the deep TCM assessment and understanding of patterns. It teaches you safe use of herbs, based on the science of zoopharmacognosy, as well as the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a truly holistic overview. You will be learning with a supportive group of fellow students as Neomi shares her decades of experience through ‘live’ lessons, that inspire you to connect with plant medicine and our animal friends in a deep and meaningful way.

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Who's it For?

This course is for anyone who is interested in a truly holistic way of approaching animal well-being. Whether you are new to holistic health, or already working with animals, you will gain a deep understanding of what well-being is and how you can support it. In this module we go deeply into Chinese medicine and herbal formulation. You must also complete APA Certificate in order to practice, but you can choose whether do that before or after taking this course. More on all of our courses can be found here

You will Learn

All About Herbs

You will learn how to understand the soul of each herb and how plants communicate with the body on all levels, physical, emotional and soul.

How to build Blends

To build an effective blend, we must understand how herbs communicate within themselves, and with each other so they work in synergy.

12 meridians & organs

We need to understand deeply where an imbalance starts for the process to succeed, Understanding the meridian system is our key to this.

Herbal Energy

Every herb holds an energy. This energy is a catalyst that provokes a reaction in the body as a temperature. You will learn to recognise whether a body needs heating or cooling, and which herbs to use.

the 8 principles

Understanding the body’s language through TCM 8 principles allows us to create a blend that “speaks” the language of the body for best results.

How Much to Offer?

How much herb blend is taken in can change how it affects the body energetics and temperature. How much we offer at one time is important.

Your Teacher - Neomi David

Neomi has been practicing and teaching animal acupuncture for 17 years and is also trained in Animal PsychAromatica. She works in a busy vet clinic in Israel putting TCM into practice every day. Her depth of knowledge and passion for the subject is inspiring.

More on Neomi here

Course Details

The course consists of 22 x 3 hour live “Zoom” lessons with Neomi David, L.Ac our TCM teacher. These are recorded for you to watch later, or if you have scheduling conflicts (We strongly advise you do all you can to make it ‘live’. You must attend 80% of lives to get your certificate).

The meetings will be held weekly on a  Sunday, 5 pm-8pm UK time (12-3 EST, 6-9 CET) a total of 66 live teaching hours.

You have access to a class forum for questions and interaction with fellow students and Neomi throughout the course.

After the live lessons you will do 3 case studies. Neomi will mentor you through the case, it is a hands on learning experience, not a test. You have a year to complete the case study. 

This course is part of the APA Wellness System. In order to gain this advanced certificate You must complete the APA certificate course, but you can take the courses in your preferred order.

Live lesson dates for the course starting May 2024

May 5/12/19/26 

June 2/9/16/23/30 

July 7/14/21/28 

September 1/8/15/22/29 

October 6/13/20/27 

For full lesson details and subsequent dates contact me

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Yes, graduates in most countries can get insurance

An average of 2 hours a week, plus the 1 weekend a month with 2 x 3 hour Zoom sessions

No, we have students from many countries. You need a basic understanding of spoken and written English to benefit. But you can write your assignments in any language and the videos are all recorded so you can review many times

Yes. You need to have daily access to at least one animal in order to fulfill some of the assignments. And basic animal care knowledge.

You will have lifetime access to the course content. You must complete your case studies within 1 year of finishing the live lessons.

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