What our Students say…..

What our students say ……..

I just finished the intense APA course and got my lovely certificate of completion. What an amazing learning experience. I can’t wait to officially start practising and starting the real learning… Nayana is a fantastic teacher, super supportive and patient. If you’re looking to enrich the lives of the animals in your life and those around you I cannot recommend working with Nayana highly enough. The course covers all manner of botanicals (herbs, essential oils, hydrosols), how to help reduce stress for our animal companions, how to make lotions and topicals plus nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The required reading books are fascinating and I met a great group of people on the course with me. Honestly, do sign up, you won’t regret it.

Katie Gwilt - 18th August 2021

I chose to follow the APA Online Intensive to gain a professional qualification to add to my animal therapy toolbox. When I signed up, I had no idea how much I would learn and benefit from this course. The animals in my life and the animals that I work with have clearly gained from my newfound knowledge and undestandings, and they are all happier and healthier as a result. Regular contact with Nayana and my fellow students during the year was motivational and fun and I felt truly valued and supported throughout, which is not always the case with remote learning. Nayana's teaching style is very practical, open and accessible and her passion for animal-wellness is inspiring. The breadth of knowledge offered by the course is remarkable and is enhanced by the information, workshops and webinars on the website. In essence, I feel as if I am at the start of an ongoing journey with the wonderful Nayana and my fellow course participants.

Barbara Martin - 24th July 2021

I have followed two webinars recently – Natural Support for Arthritic Conditions and Raising Natural Babies. Both have offered so much helpful nformation, delivered with interesting chat, videos, examples and stories. Nayana’s teaching style is very empowering and she inspires me with her passion for animal wellness.

B - 7th April 2021

Loved the webinar on raising animal babies naturally There were some information that would made a big change in our relationship, especially on food, “baby” aromatics and how to approach raising Ost based on his element character.

Mateja Pozar - 7th April 2021

Signing up for the inaugural APA Online Intensive Diploma was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I truly love Nayana’s teaching style & felt totally inspired to immerse myself fully in the learning experience. I looked forward to every online lesson & really enjoyed the extra reading, homework & research so none of it ever felt like a chore. Because the group was a nice number we all got to know one another & I couldn’t have studied with a nicer, more supportive group of women. I’m naturally quite a shy person, but I quickly found my feet & I can honestly say that I’m so glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone & signed up! I’m looking forward to completing my case studies & gaining my practitioner qualification so that I can begin working with people & their animals in this beautiful way <3

Sarah - 15th March 2021

Really enjoyed the Five Element Theory course and look forward to utilising this new skill. Loved the mix of video and notes, along with the course group, all supported by Nayana. Would definitely recommend and will be back again soon.

Gina - 1st February 2021

I am so happy to have joined with Nayana for the APA Online Intensive Diploma. Nayana is truly inspiring. Seeing and chatting with her and our small group each month makes learning so much ‘wider’ as we share our knowledge and experiences and support each other. A brilliant course!

B - 29th January 2021

I loved the courses and like Nayana’s books very much, so much so I really need a new copy of my horse book.

Donna - 28th January 2021

Very blessed to be able to be part of the APA Online Intensive Dip. An intimate group of like minded fellow travellers join together on this incredible and inspirational journey. It is a privilege to be taught by Nayana herself who openly imparts her wealth of knowledge and expertise. She encourages us to be independent thinkers and feelers!! I love the fact this course encapsulates a rich mix of aspects in animal wellbeing, where the animals opinion truly matters …

Karen - 26th January 2021

Even though I’m a certified Animal Aromatherapist through a different program I’m learning to fine tune my self-selection skills through the Aromatic Animal Wellness course. The course also sent me back digging back into the Essential Oils for Animals book. It’s been a go-to for years but I’d had forgotten some of the juicy nuggets that’re in it.

Amy - 25th January 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the “Essential oils for Animals – An Introduction” course. Just a short and sweet course, it linked to interesting sites with plenty of reading, and the recommended book to read has just been released electronically through Amazon Kindle, I was delighted to discover. This short course contained plenty of information, videos, recipes and recommendations. A fabulous introduction to the world of essential oils for animals – thank you!

Joanne Hutchinson - 21st January 2021

Nayana is amazing teacher, I could listen to the class every day, love how much practical information we get, how she leads us through the course and to study actively. She is very supportive in our practical assignments and she helps us to dig deeper. And the group energy is so cool, relaxed, accepting, supportive and fun.

Mateja Pozar - 21st January 2021

What a wonderful user friendly and rich new website you just created! It will be so much easier to be an active part of the community Gratitude for your wonderful generosity and knowledge dear Nayana.

Ankhy Kumi Na Tatu - 13th January 2021

I have really enjoyed the 5ET for Animal Wellbeing course. It has been fascinating to learn about how the different elements affect the animals personality and their learning style. The videos really help to clarify what is being said, it is very insightful and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this course!

Helen Moran - 3rd August 2021

Nach Beendigung des APA Level 1 kann ich diesen Kurs nur empfehlen. Die Inhalte sind fundiert und umfassend. Ich konnte alle Fallstudien auf Deutsch einreichen und meine Fragen auch in Deutsch stellen. Die Betreuung durch Nayana war individuell und es wurde immer auf meine Fragen eingegangen. Vielen Dank! (After completing APA level 1, I highly recommend this course. The content is sound and comprehensive. I was able to submit all case studies in German and ask my questions in German as well. Nayana care was individual and my questions were always addressed. Thank you so much!)

Angelika Meister - 19th June 2021

I have really enjoyed the 5ET for Wellbeing in Animals & the Practical Aromatherapy for Dogs courses. The content is just brilliant & so well explained & illustrated by Nayana. It has helped to take my connection with the animals in my life to an even deeper level using botanicals & the Five Element Theory & has ignited a real passion in me to take my learning to the next level.

Sarah Burton - 9th June 2020

The Animal PsychAromatica Level 2 course is an excellently structured course. I learned so many useful and interesting things and above all I also approached traditional Chinese medicine, both for my animals and for me. Discovery of this science has favorably surprised and opened me a different vision of the world around us. I also managed to improve and solve problems on some dogs and this is what made me happier. Nayana is an exceptional person, I'm sorry I didn't meet her personally, maybe one day it will happen, but I receive really beautiful vibrations and positive energy from her. Her respect and her love for animals is truly something unique. There should be more Nayana in the world!

Claudia Menozzi - 14th August 2020

The course is very in-depth and Nayana shares a lot of knowledge when it comes to the treatment of animals. Any questions I’ve emailed her about have had a very quick response as have the assignments. I’m looking forward to learning more in the 2nd part of the course. Cheryl Mangan – 22nd March 2019

Cheryl Mangan - 22nd March 2019

As an antique graduate of the AP course and a true fan of anything Nayana has to offer, all I can say here is that if you love yourself and /or your animals - take a step in the right direction and find out how you can make your lives better happier and more interesting. Nature is all around us with all it's wisdom. Nayana Morag and her animals will show you how to become part of it.

Nathalie’s Ranch - 28th August 2018

Nothing beats a course from someone like Nayana. There is no way you can learn this stuff through house parties given by people with no education about essential oils. I am an aromatherapist (through Aromahead institute), but applying essential oils on animals is something different. Thank you Nayana!

Kristien Lemmens - 24th June 2018

Just returned from a 10 day stay at Over the edge farm in Portugal where i was so lucky to do Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 with Nayana Morag. So great to learn about how to better help animals in distress, learn about the oils and how to best use them and how to make gels . Thank you all !!

Saskia Relker - 8th June 2017

I really enjoyed the Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 course. The amount of knowledge I gained far exceeded my expectations. I had many questions when putting the theory into practice and Nayana supported me every step of the way.

Dorris Harren

This course is really packed with deep knowledge about animals and how to take care of them naturally! Eye opening for some parts. There was always great support via email, if help was needed. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!

Karin Schumacher

I had such a fabulous time with Nayana and her team (humans and animals) learning APA Level 1. Nayana has a truly natural and relaxed manner of teaching, the passion for the subject and living it everyday with her animals is evident everywhere. Thank you so much!!!