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APA Advanced acu Aromatics

This advanced level course takes you deep into the Chinese philosophy, combining meridians, acupoints and aromatics. Neomi David, L,Ac Animal Acupuncturist goes into each element in all its layers, and demonstrates how the emotions, soul and meridians affect your animals’ wellbeing, and how to return them to balance with acupoints and aromatics.

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Next Course starts Jan 13th 2024

Course Description

When I ask an animal are you in your element, what do I really mean? 5 Element Chinese medicine theory is the way to understand the deeper meaning of feeling in your element. In this course you will learn each element in all its layers: Soul, emotions, organ functions, meridians and acupoints. We will explore how each looks in balance and out of balance. You will understand how you can support a healthy balance with aromatics, nutrition and understanding the energetic influences at play. And how to use acupoints and aromatics to rebalance everything. We still work in total respect of an animal’s right to choose and guide his own healing, using touch and essential oils.

Your Teacher - Neomi David

Neomi has been practicing and teaching animal acupuncture for 17 years and is also trained in Animal PsychAromatica. She works in a busy vet clinic in Israel putting TCM into practice every day. Her depth of knowledge and passion for the subject is inspiring

You will Learn

TCM Philosophy

We go deeply into the underlying principles of this ancient healing system. The history and development of a holistic viewpoint and its relevance to healing today and how to apply it to animal well-being.

The Vital substances

Understand the role of all the different physical and energetic principles, Qi, blood, body fluids, essence and the importance of the Emotions

The internal organs

How the organs are viewed in TCM, how they relate to the elements and what their role is in supporting health. How to recognise when they are out of balance and in balance.

The 5 emotions

What are the 5 emotions? What is their function in the support of health. How to recognise the emotion behind an illness and how to rebalance it with the support of aromatics.


What the meridians are and how they work. The specific function of all 12 meridians, plus 2 extraordinary meridians, where they run in the body and how that enables us to read the body to recognise imbalances.

Aromatics and Acupoints

5 Element acupoint locations, how they work and affect the body. How we work with the meridians and points using aromatics. We will learn about the 12 primary meridians and 2 extra meridians

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Course Details

The course consists of 6 lessons, each one with several sub-lessons, or topics that include further reading, and videos to watch between live lessons.

There are 12 x 3 hour live “Zoom” lessons with Neomi David. These are recorded for you to watch later, or if you have scheduling conflicts (although we strongly advise you do all you can to make it ‘live’).

The meetings will be held on a Saturday and Sunday, one weekend a month for 6 months, a total of 36 live teaching hours.

You will have interesting practical assignments to complete between live lessons to integrate your learning.

You always have access to a class forum for questions and interaction with fellow students and your teachers throughout the course, and a private group in the Animal Wellness Lounge for all APA Online Certificate students and graduates.

To receive your diploma you will complete a mentored case study, of 5 sessions on 1 animal.


Your Investment

We are all about choices here, so have flexible payment options to suit all budgets. Pay your €150 deposit now, then pay:

Option 1: 1 Payment – €1825

Option 2: 6 payments x €310

Option 3: 12 payments x €160

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Your chosen payment plan will be started 2 weeks before the course start date using the payment info you provide on enrolment

Live lesson dates 2024:

Jan 13/14, Feb10/11, Mar 9/10, May 4/5, June 8/9, July6/7

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Once we receive your deposit we will send out your starter kit of oils and a PDF of Nayana’s book so you can start to familiarise yourself with the material and you’re on your way!

Zuzanna Rybarczyk

Dog behaviourist, Poland


“AcuAromatics course has helped me change the way I perceive a behavioral or health challenge in an animal. I got more insights into working with 5 Elements and that’s been very useful in upgrading my way of working with oils too.”

Lisa Tully

Sacred Animal Medicine, Ireland


The Acu Aroma course with Neomi David has given me such incredible tools. I have learned how to get to the root cause of an animals pathology and start to treat from that place. It has also deepened my understanding of the healing power of food once I tie it in to the underlying causes. Plus using the acupressure she taught me, I feel like my holistic toolbox is even more powerful now. Neomi herself is such an incredible person, teacher, animal advocate. If you are lucky enough to study under her I know many animals in your life are going to benefit immensely. Thank you Neomi for how hard you work for us and the beautiful animals!

Soo Winter

APA Graduate, United kingdom


“Brilliant course that really gets to grips with meridian points and the different elements. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about helping their animals with essential oils.”

You ask, we answer

Please do contact the Essential Animals team with further questions, but here are some FAQ to get you started

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Yes, graduates in most countries can get insurance

An average of 2 hours a week, plus the 1 weekend a month with 2 x 3 hour Zoom sessions

No, we have students from many countries. You need a basic understanding of spoken and written English to benefit. But you can write your assignments in any language and the videos are all recorded so you can review many times

You will have lifetime access to the course content. You must complete your case studies within 1 year of finishing the live lessons.

If you have other holistic health experience you might qualify to join. Please contact us

Each Course Group has limited numbers for better learning. Sign up now to ensure your place

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