Consultation with Nayana

This is an in depth assessment of your animal that gets to the root of any problem and  provides natural, holistic solutions and advice on the aromatics your animal would benefit from.

Do you need help?

Are your fur-friends facing problems with health or behaviour? Would you like to talk with someone knowledgeable who can help you solve them naturally? Wherever you are in the world I can help. I have been helping people and their animals create healthy, happy, stress free lives together for over 40 years.

 I will help you understand the root of the problem you are facing and how you can solve it naturally with aromatics and simple changes in management.

The consultation price of €125 includes:

  1. An analysis of your animal’s character according to the Chinese 5 Element theory and how best to support him/her.
  2. A meridian balance assessment to check where the imbalance has developed and how to get the energy flowing again
  3. Aromatics that you will offer to your animal
  4. Online coaching in how to use the essential oils
  5. Ongoing email support throughout the process

I truly care about the well-being of each and every one of my clients. I want you and your fur-friends to be living your best life together, naturally.

Fill out this form, with your animal’s info and at the end choose your appointment time and make payment, and we’ll talk soon. Very limited availability

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