Lisa Tully

Detailed Information
I am professionally qualified in
  • Animal Communication
  • Animal PsychAromatica (Zoopharmacognosy & TCM for all species)
  • Energy & Soul Level Healing
  • Healing Through Meditation
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chemistry & Biology
What methods I use depends on what is needed by each individual animal & their presenting condition. All of these skills can applied using photographs alone, enabling me to help any animal anywhere with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. I work with all species of animals.
My holistic tools to bring balance include
  • Animal communication
  • Meridian balance assessments
  • Flower & mineral essences
  • Essential oils
  • Hydrosols & herbs
  • Dietary & lifestyle changes
  • Chakra & energy healing
  • Mediation journeys for animal & guardian
  • Past life regression work
  • Mongolian Shamanism
  • Collaborations with homeopathic vets if needed
In this work I don’t separate out you the guardian from the animal. Often animals mirror back to us our own stuff that needs to be looked at. If I feel this is going on I send you guided meditations to listen to in the presence of your animal with the volume turned up. If that is not possible logistically you can do this exercise with their photo beside you instead.
Using all these potent holistic tools can yield answers to long term problems where no explanation or solution has been found to date. Feel free to reach out and we can have a chat about your animal friend wherever you are in the world. Lisa x
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