APA 1&2 Certificate Online Intensive Oct 2021


Do you want to make the world a better place for animals? This course prepares you to work professionally with animals and their people, using this complete, holistic animal wellness system based on respecting an animals right to choose. You will learn all about safe use of essential oils and other botanicals and how to work with people to create a stress-free, healthful lifestyle for the animals we love. It's a learning adventure that will enrich your life, as well as the others you help along the way. Sign up now, limited places. From €145 per month.

Course Description

Animal PsychAromatica is a complete animal wellness system that focuses on giving animals choice in their lives and reducing stress to increase health and well-being. This APA Certificate Online Intensive prepares you to work professionally with animals and their people. It teaches you safe use of essential oils, based on the science of zoopharmacognosy, as well as the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for a truly holistic overview. We also cover the anatomy and physiology of stress, how it affects the animals that live with us, and how to reduce it through understanding a species’ natural needs. You will learn how to help animals and their people live together in health and harmony, using natural remedies and a thorough understanding of the energetic power of healing intention. In this Online Intensive Nayana will share with you her decades of experience through ‘live’ lessons, and inspire you to connect with plant medicine and our animal friends in a deep and meaningful way.

This Course is for You

If you want to help animals live healthy, happy lives, this course is for you. The course will give you all the skills you need to work confidently and professionally. You will learn how to work with animals and their people, showing them how to use essential oils safely, and care for their animals in a way that reduces stress, naturally.  Animal PsychAromatica is easy to combine with any animal health or behaviour skills you already have, taking them to a whole new level.

You Will Learn

– All about essential oils, hydrosols and herbal extracts
– How, why and when to use them for for animals
– The science and application of animal self-selection (zoopharmacognosy)
– The role of stress in animal wellbeing and how to reduce it
– Basic ethology of dogs, horses and cats
– The basics of Chinese medicine and 5 Element Theory
– How to recognise wellness and dis-ease
– How to do a meridian balance assessment≈
– How to advise animal guardians and help them create a healthy happy lifestyle for all
– How to increase your own energetic awareness and self-management as a healer
– Professional presentation, how to create success, and setting up in business


Your Investment

We are all about choices here, so have flexible payment options to suit all budgets. On enrolment you will select your preferred option and we will set it up for you:

  1. Pay in full in by bank transfer in euros, €1799
  2. 6 monthly payments by credit/debit card or bank transfer €285/£285/USD$335. Plus a non-refundable enrolment fee of 150 in the currency of your subsequent payments €/£/$.
  3. 12 monthly payments by credit/debit card €145/£145/USD$175. Plus a non-refundable enrolment fee of 150 in the currency of your subsequent payments €/£/$.
  4. Custom option. We want to help you achieve your dreams, so let’s talk about your best solution
  5. You also need to purchase these books: Wild health by Cindy Engel, 4Paws 5 Elements by Cindy Schwartz, The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils by E Joy Bowles,

Course Format

The course consists of 12 lessons, each one with several topics that include further reading, and videos to watch between live lessons. There are 10 x 3 hour live “Zoom” lessons with Nayana, which are recorded for review or if you miss the live for some reason. The webinars will be held on a Saturday and Sunday, one weekend a month for 5 months, a total of 30 live teaching hours, dates are below. You will have interesting practical assignments to complete between live lessons to integrate your learning. You always have access to a class forum for questions and interaction with fellow students and Nayana throughout the course, and a private Facebook group for all APA Online certificate students and graduates. After all the live lessons, you will start your case studies. Nayana mentors you through each case, it is a hands on learning experience, not a test. You are encouraged to complete at least 1 case study a month on a variety of species. But you can also complete more quickly if you choose to. There are 3 live meetings in this period, to support each other with case studies and answer questions that arise.

8 case studies and payment to be completed before certificate is awarded. As well as two open book quizzes, on Anatomy and Physiology, and The Chemistry of Essential Oils and a 3,000 word essay, 200+ hours learning.

Live meetings start at 4 pm UK time on: Oct 16/17, November 13/14, Dec 11/12, Jan 15/16, Feb 19/20

At the first meeting, if all students agree, times can be adjusted to best suit geographical location of all students

More Benefits


Upon completion of all your case studies You will receive a Certificate in Animal PsychAromatica from the Academy of Animal Wellness and Aromatics.

On Going Support

We will make sure you feel confident to go out and work with clients, and will support you all the way. We are part of your team.

Expert Teacher

Nayana has been teaching essential oils for animals since 2000. She is there to support your learning from start to finish

Flexible Payment

Choose the payment plan that suits your budget. You can contact us to discuss other alternatives. If we can help you we will.

Essential oils included

The price of the course includes a starter kit of essential oils, hydrosols and herbal oils, and a PDF of Nayana’s book, a value of €175.

Join our community

Also included, 6 months free access to the Animal Wellness Lounge member’s area, as you start your case studies.


Nayana is an amazing teacher, I could listen to the class every day, love how much practical information we get, how she leads us through the course and to study actively.
Mateja, Slovenia
A really in depth course that has helped me understand animals better as well as how to use essential oils. Doing the case studies really gave me confidence to go out and work with people and their animals. Thanks for all the support for my many questions!
Nayana is truly inspiring. Seeing and chatting with her and our small group each month makes learning so much ‘wider’ as we share our knowledge and experiences and support each other. A brilliant course!
B Martin, UK


 You will need to understand conversational English and have some writing skills. But we have multi-national student base, with a great range of languages. If you are concerned, talk to NayanaQ?

 The basic content is all the same. This version has the added advantage of direct interaction with Nayana and other students. Which works best for you depends mostly on your time commitments and how you prefer to learn. The online course helps you keep focussed and moving forward. The "on demand" version offers more flexibility.

Yes, you can pay in full by bank transfer. It is €1,799. Contact Nayana to make arrangements.

We are happy to work with you to find a solution that fits, but you won't receive your certificate until all payments are made

Yes, but it depends on how much of APA1 you have already completed and if there is space on the course. Contact Nayana

Yes, depending on your country of residence.

Yes, it's quite normal for students to have a species specific interest. What you learn on the course applies to all breeds, but if you have a specific interest this will be taken into consideration.

Because it costs us more to process the pounds post Brexit. You can always choose to pay us in Euro by switching the currency at checkout

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From €145 a month

Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • Course Certificate