What is Animal PsychAromatica?

Animal PsychAromatica is a natural health system founded on the use of essential oils for animals. Most dis-ease in domestic animals arises from stress. APA addresses the psyche of the animal to reduce stress, thereby increasing health, using aromatic extracts,  behavioural management, natural nutrition and owner education.

itchy-horse-natural-treatmentThis holistic approach to animal wellness fosters an internal and external environment that leads to balanced health. APA teaches animal guardians how to use essential oils safely for domestic animals, and better understand and provide the natural needs of all our essential animals.

Beyond Animal Aromatherapy

I call my work Animal PsychAromatica because it goes beyond simple aromatherapy. I consider the psychological state of the animal and the environment in which it lives to be important factors in an animal’s well-being.

Animal PsychAromatica is built on three major principles, these are:

  1. Reduction of stress through species specific management and diet
  2. The use of essential oils and aromatics to increase overall well-being
  3. Education of animal guardians about what is natural behaviour for their animals so they understand their animals better and communicate clearly.

Reduce stress, increase health

Most disease is the outcome of chronic stress, physical, mental or both, so reducing stress is the most important factor in any wellness programme. Domestic animals often live in a stressful environment, far from that in which they evolved. Eastern medicine, and other traditional medical models, see the bio-system as a whole entity, and understand that the environment in which we live, what we eat, and who we hang out with affects overall health. This course includes ways you can influence all of these things in a positive and natural way.

Essential oils, herbal oils and hydrsols are the mainstay of my technique as they offer a unique, natural way of keeping our animals (and ourselves!) healthy and happy in a respectful and non-invasive way. Essential oils have a physiological, psychological and energetic action and just offering them is the first step in stress reduction.

The right to choose

Left to their own devices animals will seek out the herbs and minerals they need to keep themselves healthy, in a domestic environment we deprive them of this natural process, deciding what is good for them and what is not. When using essential oils with animals we return the choice to them, allowing them to have the last say in what they take, when and how; this in itself reduces stress and increases the bond of trust between animal and carer.

Animals brought me to essential oils and have been my most important teachers, not only have they taught me how best to use the essential oils, but more importantly, how to listen. There is nothing as frustrating as not being heard, nothing more healing than a good listener. Using essential oils by animal self-selection makes our ability to listen to our animals more acute. Once we have started hearing what they have to say, and see how clearly they communicate their needs, a whole new world of understanding opens up to us.

I still get a thrill every time I see animals responding to essential oils, and great satisfaction from seeing them helped to better health and happiness. Sign up for the online course now . Or, to learn more about Animal PsychAromatica  and essential oils for animals try this introductory course, or read articles in the library