Animal Wellness Lounge

The Animal Wellness Lounge

Where nobody will stop you talking about animals all the time 🙂

The Animal Wellness Lounge is our member area, a gathering place for people who are passionate about the well-being of all creatures. A place to support and encourage each other in our dedication to caring for our animals as naturally as we can. We believe that animals are sentient beings and that our duty of care means providing them with choices in their lives and respecting their autonomy. We believe learning never stops, so in the lounge you will find engaging webinars from Nayana and other qualified professionals, who share our principles. But above all, we are a friendly community of animal lovers and professionals who want nothing but the best for the animals in our care, and love to share with like-minded people. If that sounds like you, come on in!

Free access to monthly webinars with Nayana and other qualified professionals, covering all aspects of natural animal wellness. Plus access to the webinar archive


Free course, An Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals

20% discount on all workshops

Nayana’s Facebook Live Archive, talks on all aspects of animal wellness and aromatics

“Members’ Round Table” monthly meeting. Ask questions of Nayana and share your latest adventures in animal wellness with us

Friendly forums where you can share experiences and ask questions of each other and Nayana

Enjoy the Self-Selection Collection, a library of video clips and case studies of animal self-healing.

Create your own profile to share pictures and stories about your fur family, (like social media, but without the ‘yuk’)


Best Essential Oil For Animals

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We want to make the world a better place for animals by empowering you with tools and understanding. We want to hear what the animals have to say to us, and give them what they need to live a healthy, stress-free life. We want to honour each being and their right to make choices. We want to support each human in our natural desire to love and care for ourselves, our animal friends and the planet we share.

More than just an educational resource, the Animal Wellness Lounge is a safe and supportive community, where everyone understands how important animals are to you. Somewhere you can turn to whenever you need help. We know that working with animals can be a lonely place sometimes. Here you will find a group of people who truly understand how important an animal’s well-being is to you, who you can count on for sound advice or a sympathetic ear.


And EVEN more! When you sign up for membership, you will be supporting the regenerative farm where Nayana lives with her collection of rescued animals. We plant a tree for every member who joins us, and you become part of our journey to stop desertification in Portugal.

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A personal message

Hi, I’m Nayana, your host, a lifelong animal lover, and holistic therapist, specialising in essential oils for animals. I am passionate about creating a better world for animals, where they are truly ‘seen’ and respected.

I created this space to be a repository of animal healing wisdom with workshops and webinars from myself and teachers I admire. And a community of people who love animals as much as I do.

If that speaks to your heart, come on in and have a look around, get immediate access to our free courses and webinar archive and meet some friends. And don’t worry, if you sign up, then decide we are not for you after all, you can cancel any time.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who lives or works with animals and would like to connect with others who love holistic healing and natural care
  • Anyone with a sincere interest in natural animal wellness
  • Animal professionals looking for valuable CPD and a supportive community
  • Anyone who thinks that we can make the world a better place for animals if we all work together.

Some subjects we cover

  • Essential oils, hydrosols, herbs and essences, and their use with animals of all species
  • Animal self-medication (zoopharmacognosy)
  • Acupressure, and how to integrate essential oils
  • Animal behaviour and natural management
  • How stress affects health
  • Nutrition for herbivores and carnivores
  • How to work with farm animals and captive wild animals
  • Physical and energetic healing modalities
  • Animal communication

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