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The Animal Wellness Lounge

Join us in our mission to create a world full of healthy happy animals!

The Animal Wellness Lounge is our member area, a gathering place for people who are passionate about the well-being of all creatures. A place to support and encourage each other in our dedication to caring for our animals as naturally as we can. A place to learn and share.

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A Learning Resource

Explore our searchable  archive of webinars and articles on holistic animal care, from aromatics to TCM and beyond. New content weekly.

A community

Connect with animal lovers  worldwide. Share stories, learn from each other’s know-how and   experience. Feel supported.

Expert Advice

Get animal wellness advice you can count on from our community of dedicated professionals. No more Dr Google

Courses & workshops

We offer online courses on holistic animal health, for all levels. Taught by experts in their field, who share our principles.

We believe that the foundation of animal wellness is understanding that animals are sentient beings, that we need to respect their individual personalities and give them choices in their lives, so they are nurtured body, mind and soul. If that sounds like something you align with, sign up here (new window will open to a different platform) to become part of our friendly community now.


In the Lounge, you will find engaging webinars and articles on essential oils for animals and aromatic botanicals, animal self-selection, natural management, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and the 5 Element theory, animal communication, energy healing and more. All deliverd by Nayana and other qualified professionals.

A personal message

Hi, I’m Nayana, your host, a lifelong animal lover, and holistic therapist, specialising in essential oils for animals. I am passionate about creating a better world for animals, where they are truly ‘seen’ and respected. I created the Lounge to be a repository of animal healing wisdom, and a safe, supportive place to share our love for animals.

If that speaks to your heart, come on in and have a look around

Nayana Morag holding her one-eyed ginger kitten

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who lives or works with animals and would like to connect with others who love holistic healing and natural care
  • Anyone with a sincere interest in natural animal wellness
  • Animal professionals looking for valuable CPD and a supportive community
  • Anyone who thinks that we can make the world a better place for animals if we all work together.

Some subjects we cover

  • Essential oils, hydrosols, herbs and essences, and their use with animals of all species
  • Animal self-medication (zoopharmacognosy)
  • Acupressure, and how to integrate essential oils
  • Animal behaviour and natural management
  • How stress affects health
  • Nutrition for herbivores and carnivores
  • How to work with farm animals and captive wild animals
  • Physical and energetic healing modalities
  • Animal communication

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  • Access courses
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Premium Lounge

Includes Everything in Free area, Plus

  • 2 Free courses
  • Monthly Live Webinar
  • Monthly Member’s Round Table
  • Webinar archives
  • Nayana Live archives
  • Searchable article database
  • Growing library of in depth botanical profiles
  • Post your own questions and articles
  • Network with other members
  • Ask Nayana and other teachers your questions directly

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