Energy Awareness, its importance for healers.

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Energy, we hear that word a lot! But what is it? What do we mean? Defining terms is always our first step. We will also talk about how to develop and refine your own personal sensing of energy. This leads to an increased feeling of well-being and super-charges your healing powers. It is simple, as simple as breathing, once you know how.

You will Learn

  • All about the essence of energy
  • How to develop your own energy awareness
  • How to channel and direct energy
  • How to be free of negative external energetic influences


Our webinars are interactive, with a chance to seek clarification of points and ask questions

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The webinar will go live on 20th October 2021.

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any time after 7.15 p.m. It will be available as a recorded video afterwards as well.

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