Essential Acu-points For Animal Wellness – recorded

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Essential Acu-points for Animal Wellness

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In this practical workshop you will learn more about the TCM philosophy of healing and how to use acu-points to access and influence meridian flow. We will focus on a few points that can be used as a first-response tool in emergency and to keep your loved ones balanced through the year. We start by examining the energetics of a meridian’s organ of origin.

Neomi shares her immense knowledge and experience to show you how to find the points to use for common situations such as stomach upset, anxiety, shock, and pain. We will also talk about essential oils that match the points, and how to use them to support the healing process from a Chinese herbal perspective. I have found this info invaluable in caring for the animals that live with me, and with clients and am excited to be sharing it with you all.


You will Learn

Every day acu points
  • The role of the 12 ordinary meridians
  • Some of the extraordinary meridians and what they are
  • Functions of the Chinese organs
  • The 8 chinese principles
  • 20 key acu-points
  • “Live” demonstration of how to find the points on your animal
  • Essential oils that match the energetic and healing intention of the point as seen from a Chinese perspective

Who's this for?

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone working with animals and aromatics as it will take your skills to a new level. However anyone who cares for animals, in whatever capacity, will find the information invaluable and a great practical aid. TCM and aromatics are a perfect match, supporting healing and giving you tools that you can use effortlessly to keep your animals happy and healthy, and tackle simple issues easily.

Your Teacher

Neomi David is trained in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for small animals and horses. She specialises in treating trauma, with a focus on healing the body to release the behaviours arising from post-traumatic distress. She also works in an integrative vet clinic using acupuncture for pre-op support and in rehab, as well as  treating chronic illness and cancers with herbal medicine. She learned aromatherapy from Nayana and integrates essential oils into the TCM system for additional support. She lives in Israel with her partner and a family of animals.

neomi david

Life Time Access

The workshop will be recorded so you can watch any time. A one time purchase gives you life time access.

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