The 4 Pathways of Holistic Health-Webinar Jan 29

Holistic healing needs to address mental/emotional, physical, chemical and energetic interfaces. Nayana explains what that means and how to do it.

Webinar Content

In this webinar Nayana shares her inspiration for creating the Animal Wellness Lounge, and the importance of addressing mental/emotional, physical, chemical and energetic pathways, for healing that holds. This is a profoundly holistic approach to animal well-being and the foundation of Animal PsychAromatica. She talks about the individual significance of each pathway and the best tools from and for each one. She will also give you a behind the scenes tour of the membership area so you can see what you get when you sign up.

You will Learn

  • What are the 4 Pathways?
  • Mental/Emotional, Physical, Chemical, Energetic, where does it start? Why does it matter?
  • Tools for each pathway
  • How to recognise your own strongest path and integrate that in your work


Our webinars are interactive, with a chance to seek clarification of points and ask questions

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The webinar will go live at 7.30 on 29th January 2021.

Click on the lesson to join the meeting any time after 7.15 p.m. It will be available as a recorded video afterwards as well.

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