Horse selects eucalyptus essential oil

Today I have been putting together video for the Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 on-line course. This involves diving deep into my video archives as I look for the best possible examples of animals self-selecting essential oil. I came across this clip taken at a workshop I did in Wisconsin some years ago. It’s such a good example of how simple and satisfying it is to use essential oils for animals that I had to share it with you straight away.

Here we see a mare help herself to eucalyptus to reduce her irritation from the flies. This is one of the beauties of essential oils, simple solutions to every day problems for animal guardians, or powerful medicine for more serious problems when used with the proper training. Just make sure you dilute your essential oils well and allow your animals to interact with them (or not) and you can do no harm. If you would like to know more about using essential oils safely check out these courses.


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