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When you buy this course you also join our community. You will have access to the Animal Wellness Lounge, our learning platform with info and articles to support your learning

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This course really is self-paced. Not only can you go through the material as fast or as slowly as you want, you can return to it again and again to refer to when you like.

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Even though the course is self-guided, if at any time you need help or clarification you can ask us questions via chat or in the forum. We are here to support you.


Thank you for this informative lesson! I already use essential oils for my animals and have a business with essential oils holistically. This added to my knowledge, and I am very grateful.
Really enjoyed the course, gave me a good start in an area that I am really interested. Thankyou for sharing your experience and knowledge.
Thank you for producing this great course! I learned a lot about using oils and about animals in general.
Cindy Aroma
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