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The Aromatic Cat - Recorded Live!

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In this mini course Nayana and Julie-Anne Thorne, holistic cat behaviourist and co-author,  bring alive their fabulous book The Aromatic Cat. There is so much good info in the book, but still, there’s more they want to share to help you and your cat live a healthy life naturally, and save a bunch of money on vet visits! We recorded this live workshop and bring it to as an in depth mini-course.

In this course we go more deeply into why cats behave as they do, and how you can give them a stress-life, so they stay naturally healthy and supremely happy. You will learn how aromatic botanicals are your ally and how you can use them safely. The course is full of practical info that you can immediately apply with your own cats, or cats you are working with.

You will Learn

  • The evolutionary history of cats
  • How their physiology is unique
  • Their natural social needs
  • The power of their senses and what that means in their care
  • How to create a healthy, stress free environment for domestic cats
  • How to use herbs, hydrosols and essential oils for enhanced health and happiness, safely
aromatic cat rose

Who's this for?

You will love this workshop if you live with cats and want to give them the best life possible, as well as solve simple health and behaviour problems easily, with minimal expense. It is also ideal for anyone working with cat behaviour, cat grooming, cat rescue or in veterinary care. Anyone working with herbs or essential oils and animal wellness who would like to deepen their understanding of how to support cats will definitely gain useful tools, as we look into the psyche of a cat and how you can reduce the stressors that lead to dis-ease. You will get a certificate of completion with 5 hours study, so can be used for CPD too.

Your Teachers

Julie-Anne Thorne is an holistic cat behaviour specialist with qualifications in a wide range of disciplines. It is her life’s work to give cats a voice and help humans and felines understand each other so they can live in harmony. She uses a combination of environment enrichment, behaviour modification and botanical remedies to help support the emotional needs of the cat. Nayana  is an aromatherapist and herbalist specialising in the holistic care of animals. She has been teaching on the subject for 20 plus years.

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