May 22: The Aromatic Cat – Live!

The Aromatic Cat - Live! May 22, 10am - 4pm UK. One day on-line workshop with Julie-Anne Thorne and Nayana Morag, authors of the Aromatic Cat Book. We will explore the psyche of cats  how to reduce stress, understand behaviour and alleviate problems with herbs, hydrosols and essential oils. It's going to be so much fun with tons of learning.

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Workshop Content

In this workshop holistic cat behaviourist Julie-Anne Thorne will take us deep into the psyche of cats. Starting with their evolutionary history and their psychological and physiological needs. We will explore what cats need to keep them stress free and healthy in a domestic environment. And we will talk about how essential oils, hydrosols and herbs are your cat’s best friend, especially when coupled with the powerful method of animal self-selection. We will bring the Aromatic Cat book to life, with videos and great examples of how cats benefit from aromatics.

You will Learn

  • The history of cats
  • How their physiology is unique
  • Their natural social needs
  • The power of their senses and what that means in their care
  • How to create a healthy, stress free environment for domestic cats
  • How to use natural botanicals for enhanced health and happiness, safely

Your Teacher

Julie-Anne Thorne is an holistic cat behaviour specialist with qualifications in a wide range of disciplines. It is her life’s work to give cats a voice and help humans and felines understand each other so they can live in harmony. She uses a combination of environment enrichment, behaviour modification and botanical remedies to help support the emotional needs of the cat. For more on Nayana




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The workshop will go live on May 22nd at 10.00 am UTC

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