Canine Functional Characters w/Isla Fishburn-recorded

5. Listen to renowned canine wellness practitioner, Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) as talks with us about functional characters and their importance to you and your dog. We also discuss the overlap between 5 element character types and functional characters

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Just like humans, dogs are genetically ancient beings that live in a modern day world. Part of this ancient blueprint allows dogs to continue to function as social group animals. The social group part of a dog includes their functional character. For dogs to live and co-exist socially and for social living to be solid, enhanced and in harmony. Understanding the natural funcitonal characters of a pack of canids helps use create a group composition for our dogs  that promotes harmony, balance, peace, reassurance and confidence.

Likewise, the functional character of a dog means some individuals are better suited to certain environments or certain working roles. FOr some it is easier to learn a new task or skill than others. Once you learn about canine functional characters and apply this subject to your dog or canine business, you will begin to observe a dog in whole new and diverse way.

You will Learn

  • The basic biological theory of canine functional character types
  • The different character types and their role in a pack
  • How we can help our dogs by understanding their character
  • How functional characters relate to 5 Element characters


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