Herbs for Animals – When and How to use them

Sept 23rd 7-8.30 pm UK time - Whole herbs have their own role in animal care. They are quite different to essential oils physically and energetically. I'm going to talk about some of my favourite herbs in a little more depth, why I love them, when I use them and how.

Webinar Content

In this webinar Nayana will talk about the place of herbs in her animal wellness system, and how to use them via self-selection. She will talk about the different chemical compounds found in herbs and how they affect the body, and how that differs from essential oils both physically and, importantly, energetically. She will talk about some of her favourite and most used herbs, the ones she recommends you have in your medicine cupboard, and the difference between using herbs as a prophylactic or a remedy

You will Learn

  • What is a herb?
  • Useful terminology for understanding what herbs do
  • How herbs differ from more volatile aromatics
  • How to use herbs as a prophylactic
  • How to use herbs as a remedy
  • Self-selection of herbs
  • 5 herbs you can’t be without


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The webinar will go live on 23rd September 2021.

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