What Should Dogs Eat? A practical perspective- Recorded

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There is a lot of noise about nutrition in animal health circles. It’s a subject that people can’t seem to agree upon, so can get confusing. In this webinar, Nayana shares her views on nutrition and what cats and dogs really need. With a little common sense and a balanced approach it’s not complicated to feed a healthy, species-appropriate diet, without having to shoot rabbits or catch mice. She explains how. She also talks about the different nutritional needs of each Element character type and how self-selection works for nutrition as well, once your dog/cat is in balance.

You will Learn

  • The basic nutritional needs of dogs and cats
  • The foods that provide those needs, including herbs
  • Why fresh food is best, but you shouldn’t despair if it’s not possible for you
  • How the 5 elements affect food
  • How TCM and Aryuveda view diet


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The webinar will go live on 14th July 2021.

Click on the lesson to join the meeting any time after 6.45 p.m. It will be available as a recorded video afterwards as well.

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