Exploring Yin/Yang, w/Neomi David

12 January 2022- 7 pm UK - In this webinar, Neomi David will talk us through the significance of Yin and Yang, their energetic function and how to recognise when one or another is out of balance. Understanding this can help you support your animals with the best aromatics and nutrition before the imbalance can move any deeper into the body.

Webinar Content

The dynamic play between the opposite energies of Yin and Yang, is what gives life form. Understanding this basic principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you recognise any imbalances that may lead to health or behaviour problems. In this webinar Neomi David, Veterinary acupuncturist and TCM practitioner will take us deeply into the concepts and manifestations of yin/yang. This helps us select aromatics and nutrition that can help rebalance the body/mind.

You will Learn

  • Yin/yang principles as seen universally
  • Yin/Yang principles as seen in the body and emotions
  • How to support each aspect to help maintain balance
  • How to rebalance with aromatics and nutrition and acupoints


Our webinars are interactive, with a chance to seek clarification of points and ask questions

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The webinar will go live on 12th January 2022.

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