Meridian Balance Assessment

What is a Meridian Balance Assessment?

two lotus flowersA Meridian Balance Assessment uncovers the underlying ‘broken link’ in the meridian energy flow that is the root of dis-ease. In this system I use a pendulum to check the energy flow in all the 12 major meridians and 2 auxiliaries.

I developed this assessment based on my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Kinesiology. It helps me find the essential oils, nutritional adjustments and stress management that will allow the body to repair itself.

Meridian therapies are based on balancing the energy pathways that run through the body to nourish the internal organs, emotions and physical structure of the body. If the energy flow is interrupted through accident, poor nutrition, emotional upheaval, or other stressors, the body will show symptoms of dis-ease, either physically or emotionally.

With this system you bypass superficial symptoms (for instance itchy skin) and go to the root of the imbalance. When you find the root of an imbalance the problem resolves itself quickly and thoroughly. In the MBA we also check which nutrition will strengthen the circuits, and which may be weakening it.

This system is a very simple holistic way to help me advise clients how best to reduce stress and balance health for any particular animal. It is not a medical diagnostic technique and should never be used in place of qualified veterinary expertise.


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