Are You Ready For Winter? – Aromatic Allies for Water Element


 Recorded Live – 15th December, 7:00pm (GMT): In this webinar series Nayana will unwrap the relationship between the elements and the plants that support them. She will take you deeper into each element and its plant allies, one element at a time, so you truly understand how these two things work together to help animals. Time to look at the Water element.



Webinar Content

5 Element theory is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an integral part of the Animal PsychAromatica system. It is a prism with which to view the patterns that are apparent in the universe, and helps us identify where within an animals system the patterns are disturbed. We can then offer the appropriate support to re-harmonise the pattern. Certain plants, aromas, foods, colours support each element. When we know what these are and WHY they are supportive we know how to help our animals. In this webinar series, Nayana will focus on the essential oils, hydrosols and herbs that support each element, the why and how of it. It’s a way of connecting more deeply with the mission of each plant and understanding their souls. Nayana will dedicate a whole webinar to each element and its plant allies, this time it’s Water!

You will Learn

  • A brief review of the 5 Element theory and how it is useful.
  • The role and function of Water Element.
  • How to recognise Water in your animals.
  • Water in balance and out of balance.
  • Special needs of the Water type.
  • Plants that support Water.
  • Why a plant is classified as “Water”.


Our webinars are interactive, with a chance to seek clarification of points and ask questions.

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The webinar will go live on 15th December  2021.

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