Geranium essential oil/hydrosol

Geranium Bourbon

(Pelargonium graveolens)

Geranium is produced in several countries but that coming from the Reunion Islands is far superior in fragrance and complexity. The first fragrance note of Geranium is often overwhlemingly sweet, and people either love or hate it. Good quality geranium has a rich variety of undertones that range from green, to minty to musky river bottom. The strongest physical and energetic action of Geranium oil is to regulate.

It has a powerful effect on the adrenal cortex which regulates hormones and other endocrine functions. It is one of the most feminine of the essential oils and helps us to re-connect with the feminine principle within ourselves, increasing sensitivity, spontaneity and our ability to receive, encouraging a feeling of inner security. For this reason I use it a lot with animals who have moved home.

It is one of the most ‘yin’ essential oils being cooling, mositurising and nourishing and is good for older females. It is also one of the best insecticidal oils, especially against lice.

Safety: Generally held to be non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing but dermatitis has been seen in some individuals especially with the Bourbon type.

Principal uses: Hormone problems; skin problems; insecure, moody types; new home; wounds; lice and mosquitoes; fungal infections of the skin; tonic for kidneys and liver; urinary tract infections; facial neuralgia.

Think ‘Geranium’ in these conditions: Nervous or depressed animals who lack self-confidence especially if their moods are cyclical or their skin is over dry, greasy or unbalanced. Older females, adolescent males. Pest infestations.

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