5 ‘Must-have’ Essential Oils (or Hydrosols) for Animals

Essential oils and animals
No, not the oils I’m talking about, but the picture is pretty!

I have 60 plus different essential oils to choose between when working with animals. But this is, even in my eyes, way more than you really need. I always say that if you have these 5 easily available essential oils you will be able to cover pretty much every eventuality. This list is different from my ‘couldn’t live without’ list, because that’s personal to me and the animals I live with. The list I present to you here is based on my many years of working with animals of all kinds and the common problems I encounter. What would your list be?


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) a protecting oil that helps unblock things: For wounds, itchy skin, allergies, stings, bites; staunches bleeding (I use it to stop bleeding if I nick the quick when nail clipping); ear infections; kidney infections; anti-inflammatory for sprains and pulls, or arthritis; physical or emotional trauma. Deep blue yarrow is more anti-inflammatory, then the paler blue or green one.


Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), the most soothing of essential oils, caring for you gently and easing problems: Soothes skin and states of mind, mildly sedative, relaxing, burns, bruises, grazes, flea bites, repels fleas, antiseptic, reduces scarring, helps wounds heal well (do not apply to deep wounds until you are sure they are clear of infection); steadies the heart, anxiety, hyperactivity; hotspots; fungal infections. Be sure to buy good quality as lavender is often adulterated

Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum), The magical antidote to anything irritant or offensive and anything that bites! THE best remedy for bruising. Antiseptic, heals broken capillaries, anti-allergenic, soft swellings, broken bones, deeply bruised emotions, resentful anger; anti-viral; good for liver and digestive process, particularly for dogs who tend to vomit; clears mucous from lungs; supports immune function.

Lemon blossom

Lemon (Citrus limon), uplifting and clarifying, it clears confusion: immune stimulant, anti-viral, antiseptic, stimulates pancreatic function, anti-diabetic, anti-anaemic; anticoagulant, antifungal, antisclerotic, antiseptic (air), antispasmodic (stomach); breaks down excess bone deposits, good for arthritis and kidney stones; clears mental confusion, increases concentration and assimilation of new information, increases trust in self and others, so is useful with animals who have moved home a lot.

Cedarwood Atlas or Himalaya (Cedrus Atlantica or deodara) calming and strengthening and a great bug repellent: antiseptic for the lungs, anticatarrhal, expectorant, good for coughs; one of the best natural pest repellents, mix it with lemon and lavender for best effect; stimulates circulation, good for stiffness, arthritis, back pain; stimulates hair growth, clears scurfy skin and dandruff; strengthens kidney function, diuretic; lymphatic decongestant and general tonic; calming, especially for nervous aggression, extreme timidity or shyness or those who need grounding and a sense of inner security.

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