Frankincense essential oil, mini profile

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)

This is one essential oil that we have all heard of! Since ancient times it has been considered precious and it is certainly one of my ‘must have’ oils.

All of the ancient civilisations used it medicinally, spiritually and for beauty and to this day it is burned as incense by the major Western religions. It has a familiar and mysterious fragrance that animals respond to very strongly.

It is steam extracted from the resin of a small tree which grows wild throughout north east Africa and like all the ‘tree’ oils it is grounding and comforting. It is said to ‘distance the mind from worries and fears’, is calming and centering, tranquillizing and uplifting.

On a physical level Frankincense clears and releases congestion of the respiratory system, it slows and deepens breathing and calms upset stomachs, it is also anti-infectious and analgesic and very nourishing to dry, damaged or ageing skin.

I use it a lot for claustrophobic horses (those who do not like being in a stable or trailer) and fear of known things (such as fireworks for dogs). It also helps to break ties with the past so that fears arising from a bad experience can be seen in a new light and allowed to fade.

One other place it is useful is for easing the passage into death for both those who are leaving and those who are staying.

Physical uses: Asthma, respiratory infections, diarrhoea, scars and blemises, dry skin, strenthens the immune system.

Psychological uses: nervous fear, worry and over-attachment, claustrophobia, attachment to past experiences (good and bad), passage into death.

Cautions: None known.

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