Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is simple and unassuming, but so useful, and at the moment it seems to be everyone’s favourite.

The horses surprised me by selecting it this weekend when I was demonstrating self-selection during a workshop here. Ellie chose it first, then her daughter and brother joined in, till they were all standing around in a trance. Then I was working with  a Level 2 student, teaching meridian assessment and oil selection, and lemon came up again for her dog with warts.

This morning I offered Ellie the lemon, and this time Doods and Q waited patiently in the background for their turn. I’m not sure why my lot are choosing it, as no-one has any obvious problems, although Ellie has had a sarcoid in the past, as has Doods. I think it is just that we are all feeling a little worn out by the on-going rain and are more than ready for the sun to appear for a few more days in a row.

So in case any one else is looking for a pick-me-up to get them through the last days of winter, here is more info on lemon essential oil.

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