Learning through animals

I often mull over how we humans play God with our animals – create them in our own likeness, that is. We see the nervous rider whose horse jumps at everything, the over-anxious dog guardian with the barking dog, the person who is unhappy with their life so keeps finding non-existent problems in their horse, even the super-happy person with super-happy pet!….

For me one of the most important things animal owners can understand is how they affect their animals and how their own world view will affect what they see in their animals.

Treating parent to heal child

In China if a parent brings a child to an acupuncturist the parent will be treated for the ills of the child. In much the same way we can help our animals by working on ourselves.

I often find when working with essential oils and kinesiology that the oils an animal needs are also beneficial for the owner, even if the outward manifestation of dis-ease is different.

Our Responsibility

By increasing our self-awareness, and understanding what makes us tick, we often discover that what we thought was the animal’s problem was actually our own. Sometimes a problem is only a matter of perception, other times what we are seeing as illness is the final outcome of a break down in communication. So we owe it to our animals to study ourselves.

At the very least, by knowing what is going on inside ourselves we will be able to see our loved ones more clearly without misinterpreting what they are saying, and therefore help them better.  There is no act so huge as that of  taking on the responsibility for the welfare of another being, whether  a child or an animal. For many of us that act has led us down paths we never expected to explore, such as natural health, and brought us to where we are today.

Creating well-being

All the tools I use in my practice with animals and teach in my workshops help us to learn about ourselves and our animals on a deeper level, and create an environment of health and well-being. If we know how to listen, animals teach us how to help them. They also teach us how to help ourselves.

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