Essential oil profile

Geranium essential oil/hydrosol

Geranium Bourbon (Pelargonium graveolens) Geranium is produced in several countries but that coming from the Reunion Islands is far superior in fragrance and complexity. The first fragrance note of Geranium is often overwhlemingly sweet, and people either love or hate it. Good quality geranium has a rich variety of undertones that range from green, to […]

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Essential Oils For Animals

Lentisk essential oil/hydrosol

Lentisk Pistacia lentiscus Commonly known as mastic or lentisk, this large shrub/small tree is widespread around the Mediterranean basin,  Iberian peninsula and most famously Crete. The plant flowers in spring with peculiar small deeply red flowers, which contrast with the deep green of its leaves. All parts of the bush are aromatic. The pea-sized red

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lavandula viridis

A Rare Lavender – May be the answer to fungal infections

Lavandula Viridis I have a new love in my life! Green Lavender (Lavandula viridis) is her name. For me getting to know an essential oil has the same frisson as any new love. The growing intimacy, the surprising characteristics that are revealed, the unknown, the edge of mystery. And then the friendly familiarity. This rare

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