Animal Communication w/ Wendy Wolfe

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Animal Communication - Live!

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In this workshop you will learn what animal communication is, how it works and how you can tap into your natural ability to sense what an animal needs and feels.  You’ll learn how to understand and work with your energy to make this connection. Through guided meditations, you will have an opportunity to connect to one of your animals here or in Spirit.  Wendy will,share stories of connecting with animals, heartwarming stories of reincarnation and lessons learned from the animals.   Come and strengthen your bond with your cherished companion animals.  No experience necessary!

You will Learn

How to manage your energy and claim your energetic space so that you are free from outside interference.
How to work with your energy and your intuitive style to best connect with animals.  
How animals communicate and what we can expect from them.
How you can read an animal’s energy and learn what they need and/or want.
The role that heart coherence, focus and meditation play in reading animals.
Step-by-step process for connecting with an animal
The heart warming process of animal reincarnation.

Who's this for?

Anyone who wants to have a closer connection and bond with sentient beings. People who work to help animals heal and want to use their intuition to gain more insights to the issues.

Your Teachers

Wendy Wolfe is an internationally recognized Author, Animal Communicator, and Reincarnation Specialist. She has been helping people and their animals for over 20 years and has taught hundreds of people how to communicate with animals and master their energy.  Her first book, The Fractured Phoenix, Gifts from a Broken Childhood, was released in March, 2019. She has also studied with Nayana and used essential oils, cranio-sacral therapy and energy healing with animals.  Her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, television (here and abroad) and national radio. For more information visit her website, www.wendywolfe.com
Nayana is an aromatherapist and herbalist specialising in the holistic care of animals. She has been teaching on the subject for 20 plus years.

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